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How much GelRed®/GelGreen® do I need to use? How many gels can I run with a vial of GelRed®/GelGreen®?

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GelRed® and GelGreen® can be added to agarose during gel casting at a final concentration of 1X, or used for post-electrophoresis gel staining at a final concentration of 3X in water. Dilute the 10,000X stock 10,000-fold for 1X precast gels (for example, 5 uL for a 50 mL gel), or 3,333-fold for a 3X post staining solution (15 uL for a 50 mL solution).

A 0.5 mL vial of GelRed® or GelGreen® is can be used to prepare 100 minigels (50 mL each) using the precast protocol, or for post-electrophoresis staining of 33 minigels in 50 mL staining solution per gel. Post-staining solution also can be re-used for staining two or more gels. For detailed protocols for use, please download the GelRed® Product Information Sheet or GelGreen® Product Information Sheet.

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