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Is protein staining on SDS-PAGE gels with the One-Step protein stains compatible with western blotting?

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We do not recommend staining proteins on the polyacrylamide gel with the One-Step protein gel stains before western blotting as it can significantly reduce protein transfer to the membrane. If protein detection on the gel prior to transfer is desired, the Total Protein Prestains would be more suitable.

The VersaBlot™ Total Protein Normalization Kits allow simple, sensitive and highly linear protein quantitation on SDS-PAGE gels and western blot membranes. The kits allow you to label purified proteins or cell lysates with our near-infrared CF® dyes before running the samples on SDS-PAGE. After electrophoresis, the bands can be visualized on the gel using a fluorescent gel scanner, allowing detection of as little as 1 ng protein per band. Labeled proteins also can be transferred to membranes for western blotting. The staining demonstrates excellent linearity for quantitation of total protein over a wide dynamic range, outperforming traditional western blot normalization based on housekeeping protein detection and staining is reversible.

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