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What light sources can I use for photolysis of PMA or PMAxx™?

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Biotium offers the PMA-Lite™ LED Photolysis Device for light-induced cross-linking of PMAxx™ and PMA to dsDNA. The PMA-Lite™ is designed for samples in microcentrifuge tubes.

Commercial halogen lamps (>600 W) for home use have been employed for photoactivating PMA in some publications, though results may be less consistent due to variation in the set-up configurations. If you decide to use a halogen lamp, place the tubes on a block of ice on a rocking platform to ensure continuous mixing. We recommend freezing water in a clear tray to make the ice block, and placing a piece of aluminum foil under the tray to reflect light upward toward the bottom of the tubes. Set the lamp 20 cm above the samples, so that the light source is pointing downward onto the samples (up to 45° downward slant is OK). Expose samples to light for 5-15 min while rocking.

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