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What is the best way to measure T-cell proliferation response in vitro?

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Our ViaFluor® SE Cell Proliferation assay is a dye dilution assay for cell division, like CFSE and CellTrace™ Violet from Thermo. This type of assay is commonly used to measure lymphocyte proliferative responses in culture and in vivo (if the labeled cells are injected back into mice). It requires flow cytometry to analyze and allows you to count how many cell divisions have occurred in the labeled cells.

For more information and a typical procedure for using fluorescent ViaFluor® SE Dyes with PMBCs, which can easily be adapted for use with other cell types, please see our Tech Tip: Measuring Cell Division in PMBCs by Flow Cytometry

If flow cytometry is not an option, we offer absorbance-based and fluorescence-based microplate assays for quantitating cell numbers. These measure mitochondrial activity (resazurin/MTT/XTT) or intracellular esterase activity (calcein AM) as a readout of viable cell numbers. Please visit the Cell Viability and Apoptosis technology page for more information.

The ATP-Glo™ assay is a luminescence assay for cellular ATP levels, which are proportional to the number of live cells. This assay requires a luminometer.

CellTrace is a trademark of Thermo Fisher Scientific.

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