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What mounting media can be used with LipidSpot™ Lipid Droplet Stains?

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Mounting medium can alter the staining of lipophilic dyes like LipidSpot™, due to interaction of the dyes with glycerol or other components that help form the interface between the coverslip and slide. The antifade compounds in mounting medium are generally compatible with the dyes. In our tests, LipidSpot™ staining was well preserved in EverBrite™ Mounting Medium (catalog. nos. 23001/23002) for up to 24 hours after mounting, but lipid droplet size and staining intensity were somewhat altered after samples were stored in mounting medium for several days. Therefore, if mounting medium is required to image samples, we’d recommend imaging as soon as possible after mounting.

LipidSpot™ is not compatible with FluoroShield mounting medium (staining is lost immediately after mounting). We have not tested other types of mounting medium.

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