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Activated Charcoal Decontamination Bags

Activated charcoal in a convenient bag for decontamination of used gel staining solutions containing ethidium bromide or other toxic dyes.

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Product Description

The Activated Charcoal Decontamination Bags were developed for convenient, no-mess clean-up of mutagenic dyes like ethidium bromide (EtBr) from used gel staining solutions.

  • Remove mutagenic dyes (ie, ethidium bromide) from gel staining solutions
  • Use to clean up any dyes from a solution to allow drain disposal
  • No-mess, convenient bag
  • Reusable bag capacity of at least 10 mg EtBr

The Activated Charcoal Decontamination Bags concentrate ethidium bromide from used gel staining solutions in a convenient bag. Concentrating the toxic dye into a small bag allows the user to dispose of it in the solid waste instead of as a large amount of liquid waste, potentially saving a lot of money in toxic waste disposal fees.

Each bag has a total capacity of at least 10 mg ethidium bromide. The bags can also be used to decontaminate other solutions containing mutagenic or toxic dyes. The Biotium gel stains GelRed® and GelGreen® have been independently certified as non-mutagenic and non-toxic, and can therefore be disposed of directly down the drain. However, since local waste procedures may vary, the Activated Charcoal Decontamination Bags can be used to remove GelRed® and GelGreen®.

The bags come with instructions for decontaminating buffers and monitoring dye removal.

GelRed and GelGreen and their uses are covered by granted and/or pending US and International patents. GelRed and GelGreen are registered trademarks of Biotium, Inc.

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