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Product Description

CF™770 hydrazide is a bright, NIR fluorescent dye with a hydrazide group. The dye absorbs at about 770 nm with emission peak at about 797 nm. CF™770 is significantly brighter and more photostable than dyes of similar wavelengths from other suppliers. Because the long wavelength fluorescence of CF™770 has excellent tissue penetration, the dye is ideal for in vivo imaging.
Our CF™ dye hydrazides are bright, extremely water-soluble and nontoxic. These properties make the dyes excellent fixable polar tracers for neurons, or for gap junction studies. The dyes can be introduced into cells by microinjection. Hydrazides also can be used for labeling aldehyde or ketone groups, such as carbohydrate molecules after peroxidation with periodate. However, for this application we recommend using CF™ dye aminooxy forms, which are more reactive toward these groups than hydrazide forms.


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Flyer (PDF): Near-IR CF flyer 12-09-08

MSDS (PDF): MSDS CFdye hydrazide

Protocol (PDF): PI-CF Dye Hydrazides

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