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RNase-Free Calf Thymus DNA, 1 mg/mL

This double-stranded Calf Thymus DNA is free of RNase activity, and is useful in applications where RNase contamination needs to be avoided. It has been prepared using Biotium’s proprietary method to irreversibly inactivate RNase activity, and tested to confirm that there is no RNAse activity remaining.

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Product Description

During isolation of DNA, RNase treatment is performed to eliminate contaminating RNA. Because RNase activity is robust and resistant to denaturation, commercial preparations of DNA contain high levels of residual RNase activity, even after re-purification. Preparing DNA solutions in DEPC-treated water will not inactivate RNase already present in the DNA. Similarly, commercial RNase inhibitor additives are usually poorly effective, expensive, and interfere in downstream applications.

Biotium has developed a unique proprietary method that irreversibly inactivates RNases in purified DNA. The resulting DNA solution is free of excess protein or other chemicals that may interfere with downstream applications. Our RNase-free Calf Thymus DNA solution undergoes stringent quality control testing to confirm the product is 100% free of RNase activity.

  • 1 mg/mL calf thymus DNA in TE
  • Guaranteed RNase-Free
  • Store at 4°C




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