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Yeast Vitality Staining Kit

A fluorogenic assay that allows you to determine whether your yeast cells are metabolically active. Contains two fluorescent components, Calcofluor White and ViaVac™ Red/Green.

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Product Description

The Yeast Vitality Staining Kit is a fluorogenic assay that allows you to determine whether your yeast cells are metabolically active. The kit contains two fluorescent components: Calcofluor White and ViaVac™ Red/Green.


  • For live-cell imaging of yeast and fungi
  • ViaVac™ Red/Green stains the vacuole red in metabolically active cells
  • Calcofluor White labels all cell walls blue

Kit Components

  • ViaVac™ Red/Green, 10 mM in DMSO, 100 uL
  • Calcofluor White, 5 mM in water, 500 uL

Spectral Properties

  • ViaVac™ Red/Green Ex/Em ~485/620 nm (red); 485/530 nm (green)
  • Calcofluor White Ex/Em 360/430 nm

How It Works

ViaVac™ Red/Green is a fluorescent viability dye for yeast, identical in structure to the dye FUN® 1. ViaVac passively diffuses into cells, showing green cytoplasmic staining. In many species of yeast and fungi, in metabolically active cells the dye is actively transported into the vacuole, resulting in red fluorescent staining of tubular intravacuolar structures.

Calcofluor White is a fluorescent blue dye that binds to cellulose and chitin, which can be found in the cell walls of fungi, algae, and plants.

After staining yeast with this kit, both living and dead cells will be outlined in blue, while only living cells will show red fluorescent, vacuolar tubules.

Yeast Vitality Staining Kit
S. cereviciae stained with the Yeast Vitality Staining Kit. Calcofluor White stains all cell walls blue and ViaVac™ stains the vacuoles of metabolically active cells red and the cytoplasm of all cells green (not shown).
FUN 1 is a registered trademark of Thermo Fisher Scientific

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