Yeast Live-or-Dye Fixable Live/Dead Staining Kit

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Product Description

The Yeast Live-or-Dye™ Fixable Live/Dead Staining Kit is a fixable, fluorescent assay to determine yeast viability. The kit contains two fluorescent components, Thiazole Orange and Live-or-Dye™ 568/583.

Live-or-Dye™ 568/583 is a fixable red dye, designed for discrimination between live and dead cells during flow cytometry or microscopy. Live-or-Dye™ 568/583 is a cell membrane impermeable amine-reactive dye. It is able to enter into dead cells that have compromised membrane integrity and covalently label free amines on intracellular proteins. This dye labeling is extremely stable, allowing the cells to be fixed and permeabilized without loss of fluorescence or dye transfer between cells.

Thiazole Orange is a green fluorescent dye that localizes to the cytoplasm, with some nuclear accumulation. It is fixable, resulting in diffuse cytoplasmic staining in fixed cells.

After staining yeast with this kit, both living and dead cells will be stained green, while only dead cells will also be stained red, and may appear yellow when the two images are overlaid.

Kit Components (for 1000 assays):

  • Live-or-Dye™ 568/583 (solid), 4 vials
  • Thiazole Orange, 10 mM in DMSO, 100 uL
  • anhydrous DMSO, 250 uL


Flyer (PDF): Yeast Stain Flyer

MSDS (PDF): MSDS 31064

Protocol (PDF): PI-31064

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