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What mounting medium can be used with TrueBlack® Plus?

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For best results, we recommend mounting samples with a glycerol-based wet-set mounting medium like EveBrite™ Mounting Medium. The quencher is also compatible with EverBrite™ Hardset Mounting Medium.

We’ve also found these mounting media to be compatible for mounting TrueBlack® Plus treated samples.
SlowFade® Gold
SlowFade® Diamond
Prolong® Diamond
Prolong® Glass
Vectashield® Hardset
Vectashield® Vybrance™
Mowiol®-based mounting medium

We do not recommend using the following mounting media:
Vectashield® wet-set medium

Fluoromount-G is a registered trademark of SouthernBiotech; FluoroShield is a trademark of ImmunoBioScience Corp; Mowiol is a registered trademark of Kuraray Europe GmbH; Slowfade and Prolong are registered trademarks of Thermo Fisher Scientific; Vectashield is a registered trademark of Vector Laboratories.

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