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BactoView™ Live Fluorescent Bacterial Stains

Live cell bacteria stains, suitable for flow cytometry or fluorescence microscopy. Stain live and dead, gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria with green or red fluorescence.

Product Attributes


BactoView™ Live Green, BactoView™ Live Red

Cell permeability

Membrane permeant


Green, Red


BactoView™ Live Green: 500/520 nm (with DNA), BactoView™ Live Red: 572/675 nm (with DNA)


500X in DMSO

Storage Conditions

Store at 2 to 8 °C, Protect from light

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20 uL
100 uL
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Product Description

BactoView™ Live dyes are fluorogenic live cell bacterial DNA stains. Bright and cell-permeant, they are able to stain both live and dead gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria for microscopy or flow cytometry.

  • DNA dyes for bacteria
  • Stain live and dead, gram-positive and gram-negative cells
  • Choose green or red fluorescence
  • Supplied at 500X in DMSO

BactoView™ Live dyes can stain both live and dead bacteria; dead cells tend to stain more brightly than live cells. BactoView™ Live Green can stain mammalian cell nuclei, but BactoView™ Live Red shows weak mitochondrial signal in mammalian cells. In yeast, staining with either BactoView™ Live dye is weak and not nuclear.

Biotium also offers BactoView™ Dead Stains and BactoView™ Viability Kits for highly-selective staining of dead bacteria, available in a selection of 7 colors from green to near-IR. BactoView™ Dead Stains also can be combined with fluorescent Gram stains like our CF® Dye WGA Conjugates. For bright and optimized labeling of bacterial endospores, see our BactoSpore™ Bacterial Stains.

See our full selection of Microbiology Stains & Kits.

BactoView™ Live Dyes

Product NameEx/Em (nm) (with DNA)Detection ChannelSize (500X
in DMSO)
Catalog No.
BactoView™ Live Green500/520FITC20 uL40102-T
100 uL40102
BactoView™ Live Red572/675Cy®3 (microscopy)
PE-Cy®5 (flow cytometry)
20 uL40101-T
100 uL40101
Cy Dye is a registered trademark of Cytiva.

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