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Wheat Germ Agglutinin (WGA) Conjugates

A wheat germ agglutinin (WGA) lectin labeled with Biotium’s CF® Dyes, biotin, or HRP. It is a carbohydrate-binding lectin that has high affinity for sialic acid and N-acetylglucosamine and stains yeast bud scars as well as the cell membrane of gram+ bacteria and mammalian cells.

Product Attributes

Probe cellular localization

Membrane/cell surface

For live or fixed cells

For fixed cells, For live/intact cells

Cell permeability

Membrane impermeant

Fixation options

Fix after staining (formaldehyde), Fix after staining (methanol), Permeabilize after staining, Fix before staining (methanol), Fix before staining (formaldehyde)


Blue, Green, Orange, Red, Far-red, Near-infrared

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Product Description

Wheat germ agglutinin (WGA) is a carbohydrate-binding lectin that has high affinity for sialic acid and N-acetylglucosamine moieties of glycoproteins. As a result, WGA conjugates will label yeast bud scars and the cell membrane of gram bacteria and mammalian cells.

  • Stain yeast bud scars as well as the cell membrane of gram bacteria and mammalian cells or tissues
  • Suitable for Western Blot, ELISA, immunohistochemistry and other standard immunoassay applications
  • A retrograde or anterograde neuronal tracer
  • Withstands fixation and permeabilization
  • Choice of 13 CF® Dyes from UV to near-infrared, biotin, or HRP
  • Superior CF® Dyes are bright, photostable, and water-soluble

WGA is commonly used to label glycoproteins for imaging of the plasma membrane in live or fixed cells, for staining of tissue sections, or for western blotting.  WGA can be used as a gram stain to fluorescently label gram bacteria but not gram- bacteria. WGA also binds to the bud scars on budding yeast such as Saccharomyces cerevisiae.

Find the Right Stain for Your Application

WGA and other lectins are carbohydrate binding proteins that recognize specific sugar moieties on glycoproteins.  The presence and distribution of these targets vary between cell types and tissues. As a result, other cell surface stains or other lectin conjugates, Concanavalin A (Con A) Conjugates and PNA Lectin Conjugates, may produce better surface staining and may be more appropriate for your cell type. Lectin conjugates can be used to selectively stain the cell surface of live cells, and withstand fixation and permeabilization. When cells are fixed and permeabilized before staining, fluorescent lectins stain both cell surface and organelles in the secretory pathway. Lectins may be toxic or stimulatory to live cells depending on cell type. To find the right stain for your application, see our Membrane & Cell Surface Stains Comparison. See our Cellular Stains Table for more information on how our dyes stain various organisms.

Superior CF® Dyes

Biotium’s next-generation CF® Dyes were designed to be highly water-soluble with advantages in brightness and photostability compared to Alexa Fluor®, DyLight®, and other fluorescent dyes. Learn more about CF® Dyes.

Note: Conjugates of blue-fluorescent dyes like CF®350, CF®405S and CF®405M are not recommended for detecting low abundance targets and may be challenging to use in tissue specimens. Blue dyes have lower fluorescence and photostability, and cells and tissue have high autofluorescence in blue wavelengths, resulting in lower signal to noise compared to other colors.

Wheat Germ Agglutinin Conjugates

ProductConjugationEx/EmSizeCatalog No.Purchase
CF®350 WGACF®350347/448 nm1 mg29021-1Purchase 29021-1
5 mg29021Purchase 29021
CF®405S WGACF®405S404/431 nm1 mg29027-1Purchase 29027-1
5 mg29027Purchase 29027
CF®405M WGACF®405M408/452 nm1 mg29028-1Purchase 29028-1
5 mg29028Purchase 29028
CF®488A WGACF®488A490/515 nm1 mg29022-1Purchase 29022-1
5 mg29022Purchase 29022
CF®532 WGACF®532527/558 nm1 mg29064-1Purchase 29064-1
5 mg29064Purchase 29064
CF®555 WGACF®555555/565 nm5 mg29076Purchase 29076
1 mg29076-1Purchase 29076-1
CF®568 WGACF®568562/583 nm5 mg29077Purchase 29077
1 mg29077-1Purchase 29077-1
CF®594 WGACF®594593/614 nm1 mg29023-1Purchase 29023-1
5 mg29023Purchase 29023
CF®633 WGACF®633630/650 nm1 mg29024-1Purchase 29024-1
5 mg29024Purchase 29024
CF®640R WGACF®640R642/662 nm1 mg29026-1Purchase 29026-1
5 mg29026Purchase 29026
CF®680 WGACF®680681/698 nm1 mg29029-1Purchase 29029-1
5 mg29029Purchase 29029
CF®680R WGA CF®680R680/701 nm1 mg29025-1Purchase 29025-1
5 mg29025Purchase 29025
CF®770 WGACF®770770/797 nm1 mg29059-1Purchase 29059-1
5 mg29059Purchase 29059
Biotin WGABiotinN/A1 mg29095-1Purchase 29095-1
5 mg29095Purchase 29095
HRP WGAHRPN/A1 mg29073Purchase 29073

Full List of Lectin Conjugates

CF® Dye Concanavalin A (Con A)• Cell surface stain for yeast, fungi, and mammalian cells
• Selectively binds to a-mannopyranosyl and a-glucopyranosy residues
• Available with a wide selection of CF® Dyes
CF® Dye Wheat Germ Agglutinin (WGA)• Cell surface stain for mammalian cells and gram+ bacteria
• Also stains yeast bud scars
• Has high affinity for sialic acid and N-acetylglucosamine
• Choose from a wide selection of CF® Dyes or HRP
CF® Dye Peanut Lectin (PNA) from Arachis hypogaea• Specific for terminal β-galactose and binds preferentially to galactosyl (β-1,3) N-acetylgalactosamine
• Choice of 4 CF® dye colors
CF® Dye Lycopersicon Esculentum (Tomato) Lectin (LEL, TL)• Marker for blood vessels and microglial cells
• Binds to [GlcNAc] 1,3-N-acetylglucosamine, glycophorin, and Tamm-Horsfall glycoprotein
• Used to study tumor angiogenesis or tracing neovascular development in xenograft models
• Choice of 5 CF® Dyes or biotin
CF® Dye Ulex Europaeus Agglutinin I (UEA I)• Marker for human endothelial cells and incompletely differentiated gastrin cells
• Binds to glycoproteins and glycolipids containing α-linked fucose residues
• Choice of 5 CF® Dyes or biotin
CF® Dye Phaseolus Vulgaris Leucoagglutinin (PHA-L)• Used to stimulate lymphocyte and T cell proliferation
• Choice of 5 CF® Dyes or biotin
CF® Dye Datura Stramonium Lectin (DSL)• Binds to (beta-1,4) linked N-acetylglucosamine oligomers
• Choice of 5 CF® Dyes or biotin
CF is a registered trademark of Biotium, Inc. Alexa Fluor, Texas Red, and DyLight are registered trademarks of Thermo Fisher Scientific.


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