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BactoView™ Viability Kits

These kits include a BactoView™ Dead Stain and BactoView™ Viability Green Counterstain for two-color staining of live and dead bacteria. The kit is suitable for both gram-positive and gram-negative strains.

Product Attributes

Apoptosis/viability marker

Dead cell stain, All cell stain

For live or fixed cells

For live/intact cells

Detection method/readout

Fluorescence microscopy, Flow cytometry

Assay type/options

Endpoint assay


Green, Red, Far-red

Storage Conditions

Store at -10 to -35 °C, Protect from light

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Product Description

BactoView™ Viability Kits include Biotium’s novel BactoView™ Stains for two-color staining of live and dead bacteria. BactoView™ Dead Stains are novel membrane-impermeant DNA binding dyes that selectively stain dead bacteria with compromised cell membranes. BactoView™ Viability Green Counterstain labels both live and dead bacteria with green fluorescence and is formulated for two-color staining with BactoView™ Dead.


  • Assess viability in both gram-positive or gram-negative bacteria strains
  • BactoView™ Dead is highly selective for dead cells (available in red or far-red)
  • BactoView™ Viability Green Counterstain labels both live and dead bacteria
  • Quick 30-minute staining, no wash required

Kit components

  • BactoView™ Dead 570/585 (red) or BactoView™ Dead 655/670 (far-red)
  • BactoView™ Viability Green Counterstain

Robust Viability Assessment for Gram-Positive and Gram-Negative Strains

The kits are available with your choice of dye combination for green/visible red or green/far-red fluorescence detection. The stains are fluorogenic for no-wash staining and can be used to stain cells in culture medium or buffer. Traditional vital nucleic acid dyes like propidium iodide or ethidium homodimer are efficiently excluded from live gram-negative bacteria, which have an outer membrane protecting the cell wall. But these dyes often are taken up by live gram-positive bacteria that lack an outer membrane, resulting in high background in live cells and poor live/dead discrimination. BactoView™ Dead Stains have novel chemical structures that are efficiently excluded from both gram-positive and gram-negative strains, for highly selective live/dead discrimination. See our full selection of BactoView™ Dead Stains in colors ranging from green to near-infrared fluorescence in the table below.

BactoView™ Dead Stains & Viability Kits

Product NameEx/Em (nm)Detection ChannelSize (500X in DMSO)Catalog No.
BactoView™ Dead 500/515497/515FITC20 uL40107-T
100 uL40107
BactoView™ Dead 560/570559/570Rhodamine, PI, PE20 uL40108-T
100 uL40108
BactoView™ Dead 570/585572/583Rhodamine, PI, PE20 uL40109-T
100 uL40109
BactoView™ Dead 600/615603/613Texas Red® or PE-Texas Red®20 uL40110-T
100 uL40110
BactoView™ Dead 655/670653/671Cy®5, APC20 uL40111-T
100 uL40111
BactoView™ Dead 690/710683/707Cy®5.520 uL40112-T
100 uL40112
BactoView™ Dead 760/780759/780Cy®7, APC-Cy®720 uL40113-T
100 uL40113
BactoView™ Viability Kit (Green/Red)Green (498/522)/Red (572/583)FITC (Green)/Rhodamine, PI, PE (Red)1 kit32019
BactoView™ Viability Kit (Green/Far-Red)Green (498/522)/Far-Red (653/671)FITC (Green)/Cy®5, APC (Far-Red)1 kit32020
Texas Red is a registered trademark of Thermo Fisher Scientific; Cy Dye is a registered trademark of Cytiva.

We also offer BactoView™ Live stains with green or red fluorescence. Note that BactoView™ Stains cannot be used to distinguish bacteria from eukaryotic cells, because they will stain other cell types as well. For bright and optimized labeling of bacterial endospores, see our BactoSpore™ Bacterial Stains. For staining mammalian cells, see our NucSpot® Nuclear Stains for live/dead discrimination or nuclear counterstaining of fixed mammalian cells. For live nuclear staining of mammalian cells, see our NucSpot® Live Stains. Also, view our Cellular Stains Table for more information on how our dyes stain various organisms.


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