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Fish Gelatin Powder

Gelatin from fish skin that can be added to blocking buffers to minimize non-specific antibody binding in immuno-detection procedures such as western blotting and cell staining.

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Store at room temperature

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2 x 50 g
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Product Description

Fish Gelatin Powder is purified from cold water fish skin. It can be used to make blocking buffers to minimize non-specific antibody binding in immunodetection procedures such as western blotting, immunofluorescence, and IHC.

  • Gelatin purified from cold water fish skin
  • Blocking agent for immuno-assays (ie, western blot, IHC, IF)
  • Minimizes non-specific antibody binding
  • Contains no IgG or serum proteins, won’t cross-react with mammalian antibodies
  • 2 x 50g of solid gelatin
  • Store solid at room temperature

Fish gelatin can be used to block non-specific binding sites on positively charged nylon or PVDF membranes or used for blocking and dilution of antibodies during immunostaining procedures. Unlike BSA or milk, fish gelatin does not contain IgG or serum proteins that could cross-react with mammalian antibodies.


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