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NucSpot® Far-Red, 1000X in DMSO

NucSpot® Far-Red was designed to be an improved alternative to 7-AAD for selective detection of dead cells by flow cytometry.

Product Attributes

Cellular localization



Flow cytometry

Assay type/options

DNA content/cell cycle (flow cytometry), No-wash staining

Cell permeability

Membrane impermeant

Apoptosis/viability marker

Dead cell stain




597/667 nm (with DNA)

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50 uL
0.5 mL
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Product Description


  • Designed as an improved replacement for 7-AAD
  • Less bleed into the PE-Texas Red® channel compared to 7-AAD
  • Selective detection of dead cells by flow cytometry in the PE-Cy®5 or APC channel
  • Substitute for 7-AAD in any standard protocol
  • λExEm (with DNA) = 597/667 nm

NucSpot® Far-Red was designed to be an improved alternative to the popular flow cytometry dead cell dye 7-AAD. Like 7-AAD, it can be excited with the 488 nm laser for detection in the PE-Cy®5 channel, or excited with the 633 nm laser for detection in the APC channel. 7-AAD Plus has similar brightness to 7-AAD in the PE-Cy®5 channel, and is much brighter in the APC channel. Because its emission peak is red-shifted compared to 7-AAD, it has less bleed-through fluorescence in the PE-Texas Red® channel, making it useful for flow cytometry multiplexing.

NucSpot® Far-Red is excluded by live cells, but stains necrotic and late apoptotic cells with compromised membrane integrity. Like 7-AAD, NucSpot® Far-Red also can be used for DNA content analysis of cell cycle by flow cytometry in fixed and permeabilized cells without the need for RNase-treatment, unlike propidium iodide.

Cy dye is a registered trademark of GE Healthcare; Texas Red is a registered trademark of Thermo Fisher Scientific.

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