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NucView® 488 & RedDot™ 2 Apoptosis & Necrosis Kit

Homogeneous, no wash assay for detection of caspase-3/7 activity with green fluorescence and dead cell staining with far-red fluorescence, for fluorescence microscopy or flow cytometry.

Product Attributes

Apoptosis/viability marker

Caspase, Dead cell stain, Apoptosis/necrosis assay

For live or fixed cells

For live/intact cells

Detection method/readout

Fluorescence microscopy, Live cell imaging, Flow cytometry

Assay type/options

Endpoint assay, No-wash staining

Substrate specificity




Storage Conditions

Store at 2 to 8 °C, Protect from light

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100 assays
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Product Description

The NucView® 488 and RedDot™ Apoptosis & Necrosis Assay Kit provides a convenient tool for profiling apoptotic and necrotic cell populations by fluorescence microscopy or flow cytometry.

  • Rapid, no-wash, endpoint or real-time assay
  • Non-toxic, allowing multi-day experiments to be performed
  • For flow cytometry, microscopy or live cell imaging systems
  • Dual detection of caspase activity (green) and necrotic cells (far-red)

This kit contains NucView® 488 Caspase-3 Substrate for detection of caspase-3/7 activity. The far-red dead cell stain RedDot™ is included for staining necrotic and late apoptotic cells that have compromised plasma membrane integrity.

In contrast to other fluorogenic caspase substrates or fluorescent caspase inhibitor based (FLICA) assays, NucView® 488 Caspase-3 Substrate can be used to detect caspase-3/7 activity within individual intact cells without inhibiting apoptosis progression. The substrate consists of a fluorogenic DNA dye coupled to the caspase-3/7 DEVD recognition sequence. The substrate, which is initially non-fluorescent, penetrates the plasma membrane and enters the cytoplasm. In apoptotic cells, caspase-3/7 cleaves the substrate, releasing the high-affinity DNA dye, which migrates to the cell nucleus and stains DNA with bright green fluorescence. Thus, NucView® 488 Caspase-3 Substrate allows detection caspase-3/7 activity and visualization of morphological changes in the nucleus during apoptosis.

RedDot™2 is a cell membrane-impermeable, far-red dye with high selectivity for membrane compromised or dead cells. RedDot™2 has far-red emission at 695 nm for detection in the Cy®5 channel, well-separated from the green fluorescence of NucView® 488. The excitation maximum of RedDot™2 is 665 nm, but it can be efficiently excited by wavelengths from 488 to 647 nm, and therefore can be used with the 488 nm flow cytometry laser line.

Note: While NucView® 488 staining is formaldehyde-fixable, fixation after staining with RedDot™2 is not recommended because it can result in increased background staining of healthy cells.

To learn about the advantages of monitoring apoptosis using NucView® caspase-3 substrates, visit the NucView® Technology Page.

NucView is a registered trademark of Biotium. NucView enzyme substrate technology is covered by U.S. patents. Cy Dye is a registered trademark of Cytiva.


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Find a list of NucView® references and a list of validated cell lines under Supporting Documents.


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