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TMP-PEG3-Amine, TFA salt

The trimethoprim-PEG3-amine (TMP-PEG3-amine) can be conjugated to various probes to make trimethoprim-based chemical tag (TMP-tag).

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Product Description

The trimethoprim-PEG3-amine (TMP-PEG3-amine) can be conjugated to various probes to make trimethoprim-based chemical tag (TMP-tag). The TMP-tag is based on the high affinity (Kd ~ 1 nM) binding of TMP to the E.coli dihydrofolate reductase (eDHFR). The target protein, fused to eDHFR via standard molecular cloning technology, is labeled by the TMP-probe in a non-covalent manner. The low affinity of TMP with mammalian DHFR (Kd > 1 uM) ensures minimal background. The TMP-tag has been demonstrated to enable protein visualization and manipulation of both intracellular and surface targets in mammalian cells (1-4).

The TMP-PEG-amine can be used in combination with our Mix-n-Stain™ Small Ligand Labeling Kits to generate fluorescent chemical tags without purification for cell surface or intracellular staining.

  • White solid soluble in DMF or DMSO
  • MW: 678.71



1. Miller, L.M et al (2005) Nat. Methods 2:255-257.
2, Calloway, NT. et al (2007) ChemBioChem 8:767-774.
3. Wombacher, R. et al (2010) Nat. Methods  7:717-719
4. Long, MJ. et al (2011) J Am Chem Soc. 133:10006–10009


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