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Biotin BCN

Biotin BCN, an alternative to biotin labeled DIBO and DBCO, reacts with azide to form 1,2,3-triazole by copper free 1,3-dipolar Huisgen cycloaddition.

Product Attributes

Chemical reactivity (reacts with)

Azides/Picolyl azides

Functional group


Storage Conditions

Store at -10 to -35 °C

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Product Description

Biotin BCN reacts with azide to form 1,2,3-triazole by copper free 1,3-dipolar Huisgen cycloaddition.

  • An alternative to biotin labeled DIBO and DBCO
  • Copper free bioorthogonal reaction allows staining the surface of live cells or cell extracts when there are concerns about native protein function loss with copper

Biotin molecules can be detected with any of our CF® dye streptavidin conjugates. Learn more about CF® Dyes or download the CF® Dye Brochure for more information.


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