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Streptavidin Conjugates

A high quality biotin-binding protein conjugated to Biotium’s signature bright and photostable fluorescent CF® dyes, and a selection of other labels.

Product Attributes


Blue, Green, Orange, Red, Far-red, Near-infrared

Detection method/readout

Fluorescence microscopy, Live cell imaging, Flow cytometry, Near-IR imager, In vivo near-IR imaging

Antibody reactivity (target)


Product origin

Streptavidin, recombinant from E. coli

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Product Description

CF® dyes conjugates of Streptavidin are high quality biotin-binding proteins labeled with the superior CF® dyes or a selection of other labels. These conjugates are typically used as secondary reagents to detect biotinylated probes such as primary antibodies for flow cytometry, western blotting, immunofluorescence staining, and other applications.

  • Conjugates with wide choice of CF® dye colors, plus HRP, R-PE, APC, and Alkaline Phosphatase
  • Superior CF® dyes are bright, photostable, and water-soluble
  • Ideal for flow cytometry, western blotting, and immunofluorescence staining

Blue dyes have lower fluorescence and can give higher non-specific background than other dye colors. Conjugates of blue fluorescent dyes like CF®350, CF®405S, and CF®405M are not recommended for detecting low abundance targets.

Superior CF® Dyes

Biotium’s next-generation CF® dyes were designed to be highly water-soluble with advantages in brightness and photostability compared to Alexa Fluor®, DyLight®, and other fluorescent dyes.  Learn more about CF® Dyes.

Streptavidin Conjugates

ProductConjugationEx/EmSizeCatalog number
CF®350 Streptavidin CF®350347/448 nm1 mg29031
CF®405S Streptavidin CF®405S404/431 nm1 mg29032
CF®405M Streptavidin CF®405M408/452 nm1 mg29033
CF®405L Streptavidin CF®405L395/545 nm1 mg29056
CF®430 Streptavidin CF®430426/498 nm1 mg29065
CF®440 Streptavidin CF®440440/515 nm1 mg29066
CF®488A Streptavidin CF®488A490/515 nm1 mg29034
CF®514 Streptavidin CF®514516/548 nm1 mg29081
CF®532 Streptavidin CF®532527/558 nm1 mg29030
CF®543 Streptavidin CF®543541/560 nm1 mg29043
CF®555 Streptavidin CF®555555/565 nm1 mg29038
CF®568 Streptavidin CF®568562/583 nm1 mg29035
CF®583R Streptavidin CF®583R586/609 nm1 mg29086
CF®594 Streptavidin CF®594593/614 nm1 mg29036
CF®633 Streptavidin CF®633630/650 nm1 mg29037
CF®640R Streptavidin CF®640R642/662 nm1 mg29041
CF®647 Streptavidin CF®647650/665 nm1 mg29039
CF®660R Streptavidin CF®660R663/682 nm1 mg29040
CF®680R Streptavidin CF®680R680/701 nm1 mg29072
Alkaline Phosphatase
Streptavidin (1 mg/mL)
N/A100 uL29071-100uL
1 mL29071-1mL
HRP StreptavidinHRPN/A1 mg29049
R-PE Streptavidin
(0.5 mg/mL)
R-PE496, 546, 565/578 nm200 uL29044-200uL
1 mL29044-1mL
APC Streptavidin
(0.5 mg/mL)
APC650/660 nm200 uL29048-200uL
1 mL29048-1mL
CF is a registered trademark of Biotium, Inc. Alexa Fluor, Texas Red, and DyLight are registered trademarks of Thermo Fisher Scientific.


Download a list of CF® dye references.


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