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Product Description

One-Step Lumitein™ UV Protein Gel Stain is a ready-to-use luminescent protein gel stain. Gels stained with One-Step Lumitein™ UV Protein Gel Stain are visualized with a variety of different UV-based fluorescence imaging systems. One-Step Lumitein™ UV gel staining requires only a single 5-30 minute staining step without fixation. Destaining is optional. Moreover, One-Step Lumitein™ UV Protein Gel Stain offers safer handling and ease of disposal, because it is an aqueous-based solution that does not contain hazardous methanol or acetic acid. One-Step stains are certified under CCR Title 22 as non-toxic to the environment for drain disposal after a simple pH neutralization step. Furthermore, One-Step Lumitein™ UV costs significantly less than other fluorescent protein gel stains. One-Step Lumitein™ UV Protein Gel Stain is available in 1 liter bottle or 4 liter Cubitainer® sizes.

One-Step Lumitein™ UV can detect as little as approximately 1-10 ng of protein per band depending on the staining method used, although staining intensity varies between proteins. The results obtained with One-Step Lumitein™ UV are comparable to those with Oriole™ Fluorescent Gel Stain; however, One-Step Lumitein™ UV has a more convenient protocol, does not contain hazardous solvents, and does not cause gel shrinkage. Staining is fully compatible with mass spectrometry and Edman-based sequencing.

Biotium also offers One-Step Lumitein™ Protein Gel Stain, which can be imaged using a UV transilluminator, visible light gel imager, or laser-based gel scanner (such as a Typhoon® scanner). One-Step Lumitein™ UV gives a better signal on a UV box than One Step Lumitein™, but is not compatible with a blue light illuminator or laser-based scanner.

Biotium also offers One-Step Blue™ Protein Gel Stain, a rapid, easy-to-use, non-toxic alternative to Coomassie staining for visible blue protein staining and optional near-infrared fluorescence-based gel imaging.

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1 L, 4 L

Flyer (PDF): One-Step Protein Stains

MSDS (PDF): MSDS 21005

Protocol (PDF): PI-21005

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