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Biotin Monoclonal Mouse Antibody (3D6.6)

Monoclonal mouse anti-biotin reacts with biotin conjugated proteins. This product is prepared by labeling high quality monoclonal mouse anti-biotin antibody with a selection of our bright and photostable CF® dyes.

Product Attributes


Immunofluorescence, Immunohistology (formalin), Immunohistology (frozen), Western

Antibody type

Tag Antibody

Reactivity (target)


Host species







IgG1, kappa

2 mg/mL in PBS, 50% glycerol, 2 mg/ml BSA, 0.05% sodium azide

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50 uL
0.25 mL
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Product Description

Monoclonal mouse anti-biotin reacts with biotin-conjugated proteins. This product is prepared by labeling high quality monoclonal mouse anti-biotin antibody with a selection of fluorescent CF® dyes. CF® dyes offer exceptional brightness and photostability. See the CF® Dye Brochure for more information.

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Note: Conjugates of blue fluorescent dyes like CF®405S are not recommended for detecting low abundance targets, because blue dyes have lower fluorescence and can give higher non-specific background than other dye colors.

ProductEx/EmSizeCatalog number
CF®405S Monoclonal Mouse Anti-Biotin404/431 nm0.25 mLPurchase 20203
50 uLPurchase 20203-1
CF®488A Monoclonal Mouse Anti-Biotin490/515 nm0.25 mLPurchase 20204
50 uLPurchase 20204-1
CF®594 Monoclonal Mouse Anti-Biotin593/614 nm0.25 mLPurchase 20205
50 uLPurchase 20205-1
CF®633 Monoclonal Mouse Anti-Biotin630/650 nm0.25 mLPurchase 20206
50 uLPurchase 20206-1
CF®640R Monoclonal Mouse Anti-Biotin642/662 nm0.25 mLPurchase 20207
50 uLPurchase 20207-1
CF®750 Monoclonal Mouse Anti-Biotin755/777 nm0.25 mLPurchase 20501-50uL
50 uLPurchase 20501-250uL
CF®770 Monoclonal Mouse Anti-Biotin770/797 nm0.25 mLPurchase 20367-250uL
50 uLPurchase 20367-50uL

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