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Which kits are the best alternatives for Quant-iT™ and Qubit® kits from Thermo Fisher Scientific?

For detection of picogram levels of DNA on a microplate reader, we recommend our AccuBlue® NextGen dsDNA Quantitation Kit (detection range 2.5 pg-3 ng dsDNA) which has higher accuracy and sensitivity than PicoGreen® in a 96-well assay format.

Also see our AccuClear® Ultra High Sensitivity dsDNA Quantation Kit, which is a great all-purpose choice: it has high sensitivity with a broad linear detection range (30 pg-250 ng dsDNA).

The AccuBlue® Broad Range RNA Quantitation has a wide linear range of 5-1000 ng RNA, spanning those of both the Quant-iT™ RNA and Quant-iT™ RNA Broad Range Kits from Thermo Fisher Scientific. It can be used with fluorescence microplate readers equipped for detecting far-red fluorescence (Ex/Em 630/660 nm), or with the Qubit® RNA Broad Range program.

If you own a Qubit® fluorometer, we recommend the following kits, which were designed for use with Qubit®:
AccuGreen™ High Sensitivity dsDNA Quantitation kit is a direct replacement for the Qubit® dsDNA HS Assay kit.
AccuGreen™ Broad Range dsDNA Quantitation Kit is a replacement for the Qubit® dsDNA BR Assay kit.
The AccuBlue® Broad Range RNA Quantitation is optimized for use with the Qubit® fluorometer using the pre-programmed RNA Broad Range program.

Note that the lower limits of kit sensitivity may depend on the detection instrument used.

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