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AccuGreen™ High Sensitivity dsDNA Quantitation Kit

The AccuGreen™ High Sensitivity dsDNA Quantitation Kit is designed for use with handheld fluorometers such as the Qubit® fluorometer from Thermo Fisher. The AccuGreen™ kit is specific for dsDNA, and can quantify DNA samples in the range of 0.01-10 ng/uL.

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502/523 nm (with DNA)

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Product Description

The AccuGreen™ High Sensitivity dsDNA Quantitation Kit is designed for use with handheld fluorometers such as the Qubit® fluorometers from Thermo Fisher. Unlike absorbance-based measurements, AccuGreen™ Dye is highly selective for double-stranded DNA over single-stranded DNA or RNA.

The linear range of the AccuGreen™ assay is 0.1 to 100 ng of DNA per tube. DNA samples with concentrations between 5 pg/uL and 100 ng/uL may be quantified using sample volumes between 1 and 20 uL (for example, 1 uL of 100 ng/uL is 100 ng total, and 20 uL of 5 pg/uL is 0.1 ng total, which will both fall within the linear range of the assay). If you use the most common sample volume of 10 uL, the starting sample concentration should be 10 pg/uL to 10 ng/uL.

AccuGreen™ High Sensitivity Quantitation Solution also is available separately (catalog no. 31068) for customers who wish to use their own DNA standards.

For a broad range assay to quantify DNA in the range of 0.2-100 ng/uL on the Qubit® fluorometer, see the AccuGreen™ Broad Range dsDNA Quantitation Kit (catalog no. 31069).

For high-sensitivity DNA quantitation using a fluorescent plate reader, we recommend using our AccuClear® or AccuBlue® NextGen dsDNA Quantitation Kits, which provide unprecedented sensitivity, accuracy and wide linear range. See the table below for details on our full line of dsDNA quantitation kits.


  • Optimized for use with the Qubit® Fluorometer
  • Uses the pre-programmed Qubit® dsDNA High Sensitivity assay setting
  • Linear range of assay: 0.1-100 ng dsDNA
  • Sample concentration range: 5 pg/uL to 100 ng/uL
  • Green fluorescence (Ex/Em 502/523 nm)

Kit components

  • AccuGreen™ Dye, 200X
  • DNA Quantitation Buffer, 20X Concentrate*
  • AccuGreen™ Standard 1 (0 ng/uL)
  • AccuGreen™ Standard 2 (10 ng/uL)

*Note: In order to go green and save on packaging and shipping, we have changed from a 1X to a 20X buffer.

A genomic DNA sample quantified using the Qubit® HS kit and the AccuGreen™ HS kit. A nearly identical result was obtained with each kit.

All DNA Quantitation Kits

dsDNA Quantitation KitLinear detection range
(dsDNA in assay)
Ex/Em (nm)Suggested InstrumentFeatures
AccuGreen™ High Sensitivity0.1-100 ng502/523Qubit® fluorometerCompare to the Qubit® dsDNA HS assay from Thermo Fisher
AccuGreen™ Broad Range2-1000 ng500/530Qubit® fluorometerCompare to the Qubit® dsDNA BR assay from Thermo Fisher
Non-toxic & non-mutagentic DNA quantitation dye
AccuBlue® NextGen1 pg-3 ng*468/507Fluorescent Plate ReaderMost sensitive assay available for quantitation of precious or dilute samples
Optimal for sensitive applications such as NGS or digital PCR
* Limit of detection in the range of 1 pg to 5 pg depending on instrument sensitivity
AccuClear® Ultra High Sensitivity30 pg-250 ng468/507Fluorescent Plate ReaderVersatile kit with high sensitivity and wide linear range
AccuBlue® High Sensitivity0.2-100 ng485/530Fluorescent Plate ReaderNon-toxic & non-mutagentic DNA quantitation dye
AccuBlue® Broad Range2-2000 ng350/460Fluorescent Plate ReaderBroad linear range with blue fluorescence

AccuBlue and AccuClear are registered trademarks of Biotium, Inc. AccuBlue, AccuClear and AccuGreen technologies are covered by granted U.S. and international patents. Qubit and Quant-iT are registered trademarks of Thermo Fisher Scientific.




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