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NucSpot® 470 Nuclear Stain

Cell membrane-impermeant, nuclear-specific green counterstain. Suitable for fixed cells or staining dead cells in live cultures.

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Product Description

NucSpot® 470 Nuclear Stain is a green cell membrane-impermeant, nuclear-specific counterstain for the FITC channel.

  • Nuclear-specific counterstain for fixed cells
  • Selectively stains dead cells in live culture
  • No wash required
  • Suitable for cell cycle profiling by flow cytometry in fixed/permeabilized cells

Note: NucSpot® 470 has limited use for cell viability tracking due to its instability in culture medium during long incubation periods. NucSpot® 500/515 was designed as an improved alternative for NucSpot® 470, offering better stability in culture medium.

Biotium also offers NucSpot® Nuclear Stains in a wide range of other colors from orange to near-IR. The stains also offer nuclear-specific counterstaining for fixed cells, as well as selective staining of dead cells in live cultures, while avoiding the issue of photoconversion induced background by DAPI and Hoechst.

Learn more about our full selection of nuclear stains and our stains for other organelles, viability analysis, membrane staining, and more.


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