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How do the LysoView™ dyes work? Do they specifically label lysosomes over early and late endosomes?

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LysoView™ dyes are fluorogenic dyes that contain weakly basic amines and accumulate in the low pH environment of lysosomes as well as other acidic compartments in the cell including early and late endosomes. Although the fluorescence of LysoView™ 540 and LysoView™ 640 is sensitive to increasing pH, it would be hard to specifically distinguish early from late endosomes or lysosomes based on florescence intensity. Using antibodies against early or late endosomal markers or compartment-specific  (GFP or other) fusion constructs would be more appropriate.

Other options that may be suitable for monitoring endocytosis and vesicle trafficking include the CF® Dye Dextrans, CF® Dye Hydrazides, CF® Dye Human Transferrin Conjugates, CF® Dye Cholera Toxin Subunit B, and Nerve Terminal Staining Kits.

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