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AM1-43 is a fixable, activity-dependent fluorescent nerve terminal probe. AM1-43 functions similarly similarly to SynaptoGreen C4 (catalog # 70020), but with the additional property of being fixable.

Product Attributes

Cellular localization


For live or fixed cells

For live/intact cells

Assay type/options

Real-time imaging

Fixation options

Fix after staining (formaldehyde), Permeabilize after staining




480/598 nm (in membranes)

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1 mg
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Product Description

AM1-43 is a fixable, activity-dependent fluorescent nerve terminal probe. AM1-43 functions similarly similarly to SynaptoGreen™ C4 (70020), but with the additional property of being fixable. Thus, AM1-43 is a useful tool for synapse studies where subsequent fluorescent immunochemistry is desired. AM1-43 and FM1-43 have identical excitation and emission wavelengths. Also see AM1-44 (catalog no. 70038), which is similar to AM1-43, but has longer lipophilic tails, resulting in better fixability.

    λExλEm: 510/625 nm (in MeOH); 480/598 nm (in membranes)
  • Red solid soluble in water
  • C29H49Cl3N4
  • MW: 559.5



1. PLoS One, 5(8), e12386.

2. Anat Cell Biol 44(4), 274 (2011).


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