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HM1-43 is a fixable, activity-dependent fluorescent nerve terminal probe.

Product Attributes

Probe cellular localization


For live or fixed cells

For live/intact cells

Assay type/options

Real-time imaging

Fixation options

Fix after staining (formaldehyde), Permeabilize after staining


480/598 nm (in membranes)

Note: Due to operating restrictions related to our COVID-19 response, primary antibody conjugates of R-PE, APC, PerCP, HRP, or AP are temporarily unavailable. All other antibody options are still available. We apologize for the inconvenience. Please see our easy-to-use Mix-n-Stain™ Antibody Labeling Kits for labeling antibodies with R-PE, APC, tandem dyes, and enzymes.
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Product Description

HM1-43 is a fixable, activity-dependent fluorescent nerve terminal probe.

  • Functions similarly to SynaptoGreen™ (70020), but with the additional property of being fixable
  • Useful for synapse studies where subsequent fluorescent immunochemistry is desired
  • HM1-43 and FM®1-43 have identical excitation and emission wavelengths
  • λEx/λEm (in membranes) = 480/598 nm

Nerve Terminal Dyes and Kits

ProductCatalog No.Features
SynaptGreen™ Dyes
(Ex/Em ~480/660 nm in membranes)
70020... 70053View full list of SynaptoGreen™ Dyes
SynaptoRed Dyes™
(Ex/Em ~510/750 nm in membranes)
70021... 70050View full list of SynaptoRed™ Dyes
Background Reducers
ADVASEP-770029Sulfonated cyclodextrin that aids in removal of free dye during washes
SCAS70037Quenches extracellular fluorescences with fewer wash steps than ADVASEP-7
Sulforhodamine 10180101Red fluorescent dye that quenches extracellular fluorescence of SynaptoGreen™ dyes
Nerve Terminal Staining Kits
Nerve Terminal Staining Kit I70030Includes SynaptoGreen™ C4 and ADVASEP-7
Nerve Terminal Staining Kit II (A)70031Includes AM1-43 and ADVASEP-7
Nerve Terminal Staining Kit II (B)70031-1Includes AM1-43 and SCAS
Nerve Terminal Staining Kit III70032Includes SynaptoGreen™ C4 and Sulforhodamine 101
Nerve Terminal Staining Kit V70034Includes SynaptoRed™ C2 and ADVASEP-7
m is the number of carbons in the lipophilic tail and n is the number of double bonds linking the two aromatic rings in the dye.
**The positively-charged end of SynaptoRed C2M is a trimethylammonium group.
FM is a registered trademark of Thermo Fisher Scientific.

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