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PAGE GelRed® Nucleic Acid Gel Stain

PAGE GelRed® is a non-toxic, non-mutagenic red DNA gel stain specifically designed to stain DNA in polyacrylamide gels. PAGE GelRed® can be imaged using a 254 nm UV transilluminator with an ethidium bromide filter.

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10,000X in water, 1X in water

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Product Description

PAGE GelRed® is an ultra sensitive, extremely stable, and environmentally safe fluorescent nucleic acid dye specifically designed to stain DNA in polyacrylamide gels.

  • Superior dsDNA staining in polyacrylamide gels
  • Specifically designed to penetrate the dense polyacrylamide gel
  • Safer than EtBr: non-mutagenic and non-hazardous for disposal
  • Stable at room temperature
  • Simple pre- and post-electrophoresis gel staining, no destaining
  • Use with standard EtBr imaging equipment or optical settings
  • Compatible with downstream gel purification, restriction digest, sequencing, and cloning

PAGE GelRed® is a non-toxic, non-mutagenic red DNA gel stain specifically designed to stain DNA in polyacrylamide gels. It can be imaged using a 254 nm UV transilluminator with an ethidium bromide filter and can be removed from DNA gel staining using commonly available gel extraction kits. PAGE GelRed® is 6-8 times more sensitive for dsDNA over RNA. PAGE GelRed® is offered at 10,000X and 1X concentrations. Only the highly concentrated, 10,000X in water, can be used for pre-casting while the 1X PAGE GelRed® is supplied in a 4L Cubitainer® as a convenient ready-to-use post-electrophoresis gel stain.

PAGE GelRed®: A Superior Dye for Polyacrylamide Gels

The original GelRed® and GelGreen® dyes, we achieved the dyes’ membrane impermeability mainly by making the dyes physically large. While this strategy works extremely well to improve the dyes’ safety, the relatively large size of GelRed® and GelGreen® make the dyes difficult to penetrate into the more densely packed polyacrylamide gels, rendering the dyes less optimal for PAGE gel staining.

PAGE GelRed™ was specifically designed as a safe alternative for staining DNA in polyacrylamide gels. In designing PAGE GelRed® dye, we used a novel approach to make the dye membrane impermeable without making the dye large. Importantly, the new design strategy still ensures that the PAGE dye possesses essential properties for gel staining, including good sensitivity, stability and compatibility with existing instruments and downstream sample analysis. PAGE GelRed® can be used to stain DNA in agarose gels but will be less sensitive than original GelRed®.Also see our GelRed® and GelGreen® Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

Non-Mutagenic and Safer for the Environment

A series of safety tests have confirmed that PAGE GelRed® is non-cytotoxic, non-mutagenic, and non-hazardous at concentrations well above the working concentrations used in gel staining. As a result, working strength PAGE GelRed® can be safely disposed of down the drain or in regular trash, providing convenience and reducing cost in waste disposal. For detailed test results, you may download the PAGE GelRed® Safety Report.

How Safe is Your Gel Stain?

Many so-called “safe” DNA dyes like SYBR® Safe, Midori Green, GreenSafe, SafeView™, and RedSafe™ not only have low sensitivity, but also readily penetrate living cells to bind DNA, and some are cytotoxic. Unlike these dyes, GelRed® is cell membrane-impermeant, so it cannot enter living cells to interact with their DNA. See our Gel Stains Comparison Flyer or  Gel Stains Comparison White Paper for details.

Choose the Right Stain for Your Application

PAGE GelRed® Nucleic Acid Gel Stain is optimized for post-staining DNA in polyacrylamide gels. Only the highly concentrated dye solution, 10,000X in water, can be used for pre-casting by adding the dye directly to molten agarose during gel casting. 1X PAGE GelRed® is a ready-to-use convenient post-electrophoresis gel stain.

For agarose gels, we recommend using Original GelRed® Nucleic Acid Gel Stain or GelGreen® Nucleic Acid Gel Stain. PAGE GelRed® can be used to stain DNA in agarose gels but will be less sensitive than original GelRed®. GelRed® 3X in water is ready-to-use for post-electrophoresis gel staining, and is supplied in a 4L Cubitainer®. Higher concentrations of Original GelRed® are available as 10,000X in water or DMSO GelRed® in water is a newer, safer formulation and our recommended format. We continue to offer GelRed® in DMSO for established users who do not wish to alter their protocols. We also offer GelRed® Agarose and GelRed® Prestain Plus 6X Loading Dye. GelGreen® Nucleic Acid Gel Stain, a safer replacement for SYBR® gel stains, which is compatible with visible light excitation. For more information, view our DNA Gel Stains Technology Page.

GelRed® and its uses are covered by granted and/or pending US and International patents. GelRed and EvaGreen are registered trademarks of Biotium, Inc. SafeView is a trademark of Applied Biological Materials; RedSafe is a trademark of iNtRON Biotechnology. SYBR is a registered trademark of Thermo Fisher Scientific. Cubitainer is a registered trademark of Hedwin Corporation.
Product / MethodProcedureAdvantagesDisadvantagesRecommended for
DNA prestaining with GelRed® Prestain Plus 6X DNA Loading DyeGelRed® loading buffer is added directly to the DNA sample before loading• Fast & simple: one-step sample loading & DNA staining

• Less concentrated dye for safer handling

• Can re-run a gel to use empty lanes
• Not recommended for PAGE, DGGE, EMSA, or PFGE gels

• Dye may cause band migration issues when loading larger amounts of DNA (more than ~100 ng/band), or for some restriction digests
• Routine agarose gels

• Recommended loading 50-200 ng ladder or 2-5 uL PCR product ( ~100 ng/band or less)
Precast staining with GelRed® 10,000X in waterGelRed® is mixed with molten agarose before gel castingFamiliar protocol, rapid results
Precast staining with GelRed® Agarose LE
Agarose is supplied pre-coated with GelRed®, just dissolve, heat, and pourSafer & more convenient, no need to handle concentrated dye
Post-electrophoresis staining with GelRed® 10,000X in water
- or -
GelRed® 3X in water
No fluorescent dye is added to the gel, it is stained in 3X GelRed® solution after electrophoresis• Most accurate sizing/sharpest bands

• Staining solution can be re-used

• Enhance sensitivity by adding NaCl
Extra staining step (up to 30 minutes) after electrophoresis (some customers report good results after only 5 minutes if dye is not reused)• Highly accurate band sizing

• Gels with more than ~100 ng DNA per band

• Analyzing restriction digests
Post-electrophoresis staining of PAGE gels using PAGE GelRed® 10,000X or 1X in waterNo fluorescent dye is added to the gel, it is stained in 1X PAGE GelRed® solution after electrophoresis• Formulated for efficient penetration and staining of polyacrylamide gels

• Like the classic GelRed®, it is safe and environmentally friendly
Extra staining step of approx. 30 minutes after electrophoresisStaining of nucleic acids in PAGE gels


1. Mutation Research 492, 91 (2001).


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