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GelRed® Prestain Plus 6X DNA Loading Dye

6X DNA loading buffer that includes ultra-sensitive, non-toxic GelRed® dye. This is an improved version of our original GelRed® prestain loading buffer, formulated to minimize DNA migration shift.

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Product Description

GelRed® Prestain Plus Features:

  • 6X loading dye includes GelRed® DNA stain
  • Combine gel loading and DNA staining in one step
  • Improved formulation to minimize DNA migration issues
  • Two blue tracking dyes that run at ~1.5 kb and ~200 bp in 1% agarose
  • Highly sensitive, non-mutagenic DNA detection

GelRed® is a sensitive, stable and environmentally safe fluorescent nucleic acid dye designed to replace the highly toxic ethidium bromide (EtBr). GelRed® Prestain Plus 6X DNA Loading Dye contains density agents, tracking dyes, and GelRed® dye. The 6X prestain loading dye is added to samples in place of gel loading buffer, and eliminates the need to add fluorescent DNA dye to the agarose gel during casting or after electrophoresis. The loading dye contains two blue electrophoresis tracking dyes that run at approximately 1.5 kb and 200 bp in a 1% agarose gel.

This product is an improved version of our original 6X GelRed® Prestain Loading Buffer (catalog number 41009) with brighter signal and more consistent DNA migration. When DNA is bound to GelRed® before electrophoresis, the ratio of dye to DNA can cause variable shifts in DNA migration, making it difficult to compare DNA fragment sizes between samples. GelRed® Prestain Plus 6X DNA Loading Dye is formulated to minimize this DNA migration shift, for greater consistency. GelRed® prestaining is simple and can avoid migration issues seen with GelRed® precast gels.

GelRed® and EtBr have virtually the same spectra, so you can directly replace EtBr with GelRed® without changing your existing imaging system. In addition, GelRed® is far more sensitive than EtBr, which cannot be used in DNA loading buffer to prestain DNA. GelRed® is compatible with downstream applications such as sequencing and cloning. It is efficiently removed from DNA by gel extraction kits or by phenol/chloroform extraction and ethanol precipitation.

GelRed® Safety
GelRed® was subjected to a series of tests at Biotium and by three independent testing services to assess the dye’s safety for routine handling and disposal. Test results confirm that the dye is impenetrable to both latex gloves and cell membranes. The dye is noncytotoxic, nonmutagenic, and classified as non-hazardous for disposal under CCR Title 22 Hazardous Waste Characterization. See the GelRed® and GelGreen® Safety Report.

Compare different gel staining options:

Product / MethodProcedureAdvantagesDisadvantagesRecommended for
DNA prestaining with GelRed® Prestain Plus 6X DNA Loading DyeGelRed® loading buffer is added directly to the DNA sample before loading• Fast & simple: one-step sample loading & DNA staining

• Less concentrated dye for safer handling

• Can re-run a gel to use empty lanes
• Not recommended for PAGE, DGGE, EMSA, or PFGE gels

• Dye may cause band migration issues when loading larger amounts of DNA (more than ~100 ng/band), or for some restriction digests
• Routine agarose gels

• Recommended loading 50-200 ng ladder or 2-5 uL PCR product ( ~100 ng/band or less)
Precast gel staining with GelRed® 10,000X in waterGelRed® is mixed with molten agarose before gel castingFamiliar protocol, rapid results
Precast gel staining with GelRed® Agarose LE
Agarose is supplied pre-coated with GelRed®, just dissolve, heat, and pourSafer & more convenient, no need to handle concentrated dye
Post-electrophoresis gel staining with GelRed® 10,000X in water
- or -
GelRed® 3X in water
No fluorescent dye is added to the gel, it is stained in 3X GelRed® solution after electrophoresis• Most accurate sizing/sharpest bands

• Staining solution can be re-used

• Enhance sensitivity by adding NaCl
Extra staining step (up to 30 minutes) after electrophoresis (some customers report good results after only 5 minutes if dye is not reused)• Highly accurate band sizing

• Gels with more than ~100 ng DNA per band

• Analyzing restriction digests
Post-electrophoresis gel staining of PAGE gels using PAGE GelRed® 10,000X or 1X in waterNo fluorescent dye is added to the gel, it is stained in 1X PAGE GelRed® solution after electrophoresis• Formulated for efficient penetration and staining of polyacrylamide gels

• Like the classic GelRed®, it is safe and environmentally friendly
Extra staining step of approx. 30 minutes after electrophoresisStaining of nucleic acids in PAGE gels


Download a list of selected References for GelRed® and GelGreen®.


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