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PMA Enhancer for Gram Negative Bacteria, 5X Solution

This product improves PMA- and PMAxx™-mediated discrimination between live and dead gram-negative bacteria when performing viability PCR.

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Product Description

PMA Enhancer for Gram Negative Bacteria improves PMA- and PMAxx™-mediated discrimination between live and dead gram-negative bacteria.

  • Used in viability PCR with PMA or PMAxx™
  • Decreases dead cell signal in gram-negative bacteria
  • Should not be used with gram-positive bacteria
  • Provided as a 5X solution

The mechanism by which Enhancer improves live/dead discrimination has not been determined. It may improve passive permeability of dead cell walls or membranes to the dye, and/or improve access of the dye to the dead cell DNA.

Viability PCR

Viability PCR is a powerful technology for the sensitive and rapid detection of viable microorganisms. Unlike time-consuming culturing methods, qPCR is a fast and sensitive method of detection. However, normal qPCR does not distinguish between live and dead cells. With v-PCR using PMAxx™ or PMA, you get the speed, sensitivity and specificity of PCR, plus quantifiable viability. And because no culturing is required, you can even detect viable but not culturable (VBNC) bacteria. The v-PCR technology can be applied not only to bacteria but to other organisms like yeast, viruses, eukaryotes, and archaea.

To learn more about the advantages of determining microbial or cell viability using viability PCR, visit the Viability PCR Technology Page.

E. coli were killed with mild heat treatment (56°C for 3 hrs) and treated with PMAxx™ or PMAxx™ + Enhancer, followed by light exposure using PMA-Lite™, DNA purification, and qPCR with Fast EvaGreen® qPCR Master Mix. dCt values were calculated by subtracting the Ct without dye from the Ct with dye. Only dead cells treated with PMAxx™ + Enhancer showed a large dCt, indicating that the dye successfully inhibited PCR of dead cell DNA.
PMAxx technology is covered by granted and/or pending US and international patents.



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