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CellBrite™ Cytoplasmic Membrane Stains

CellBrite™ NIR Cytoplasmic Membrane Dyes are novel near-infrared carbocyanine dyes for labeling the cytoplasmic membranes of living cells. Due to their long emission wavelengths (Figure 1), near-infrared cell membrane stains can be used to label cells for near-infrared small animal imaging studies for non-invasive imaging of cell migration and cell homing. The dyes are compatible with near-infrared imaging systems, and also can be imaged by confocal microscopy using 640 nm excitation (Figure 2).
Traditional carbocyanine dyes like DiI, DiO, and DiR, which can be difficult to dissolve and prone to precipitation during cell staining. CellBrite™ NIR dyes have water-soluble groups in addition to long hydrophobic tails. These unique chemical structural elements improve the solubility of the dyes while still providing highly stable cytoplasmic membrane staining.

CellBrite NIR spectra composite
Figure 1. Absorption and emission spectra of CellBrite™ NIR dyes.


CellBrite NIR composite
Figure 2. HeLa cells stained with CellBrite™ NIR dyes and imaged by confocal microscopy with 639 nm excitation.
Catalog No.Product descriptionAbs/Em
30070CellBrite™ NIR680 Cytoplasmic Membrane Dye683/724 nm
30077CellBrite™ NIR750 Cytoplasmic Membrane Dye748/780 nm
30078CellBrite™ NIR770 Cytoplasmic Membrane Dye767/806 nm
30079CellBrite™ NIR790 Cytoplasmic Membrane Dye786/820 nm