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CellBrite™ Cytoplasmic Membrane Stains

CellBrite™ Cytoplasmic Membrane Dyes

Lipophilic carbocyanine dyes are widely used for labeling neurons in tissues by retrograde labeling, and to label membranes in a wide variety of cell types. The dyes are weakly fluorescent in aqueous phase, but become highly fluorescent in lipid bilayers. Staining is highly stable with low toxicity and very little dye transfer in between cells, making the dyes suitable for long-term cell labeling and tracking studies. Cell populations can be labeled with different fluorescent colors for identification after mixing. Double labeling can identify cells that have fused or formed stable clusters.

Unlike PKH dyes, CellBrite™ dyes do not require a complicated hypoosmotic labeling protocol. They are ready-to-use dye delivery solutions that can be added directly to normal culture media to label suspended or adherent cells in culture. We offer a selection of dyes with fluorescence ranging from blue to near-infrared. The CellBrite™ Blue Cytoplasmic Membrane Labeling Kit features DiB, a unique blue carbocyanine dye, and a cell loading agent. CellBrite™ Green (NeuroDiO), CellBrite™ Orange (DiI), and CellBrite™ Red (DiD) are supplied as ready-to-add dye solutions.

CellBrite™ NIR Near-Infrared Dyes

CellBrite™ NIR Cytoplasmic Membrane Dyes are novel near-infrared carbocyanine dyes for labeling the cytoplasmic membranes of living cells. Due to their long emission wavelengths, near-infrared cell membrane stains can be used to label cells for near-infrared small animal imaging studies for non-invasive imaging of cell migration and cell homing. The dyes are compatible with near-infrared imaging systems, and also can be imaged by confocal microscopy using 640 nm excitation.

Traditional carbocyanine dyes can be difficult to dissolve and prone to precipitation during cell staining. CellBrite™ NIR dyes have water-soluble groups in addition to long hydrophobic tails. These unique chemical structural elements improve the solubility of the dyes while still providing highly stable cytoplasmic membrane staining.

See our CellBrite™ FAQs to learn more, or download the Cellular Stains Brochure for more live cell and organelle stains.

Absorbance and emission spectra of CellBrite and CellBrite NIR Cytoplasmic Membrane Dyes.
CellBrite NIR composite
HeLa cells stained with CellBrite™ NIR dyes and imaged by confocal microscopy with 639 nm excitation.

Ordering Information

Product LineCatalog No.Product DescriptionAbs/Em
CellBrite™ Cytoplasmic Membrane Dyes30024CellBrite™ Blue Cytoplasmic Membrane Labeling Kit 366/441 nm
30021CellBrite™ Green Cytoplasmic Membrane Dye 484/501 nm
30022CellBrite™ Orange Cytoplasmic Membrane Dye549/565 nm
30023CellBrite™ Red Cytoplasmic Membrane Dye 644/665 nm
CellBrite™ NIR Near-Infrared Cytoplasmic Membrane Dyes30070CellBrite™ NIR680 Cytoplasmic Membrane Dye 683/724 nm
30077CellBrite™ NIR750 Cytoplasmic Membrane Dye 748/780 nm
30078CellBrite™ NIR770 Cytoplasmic Membrane Dye 767/806 nm
30079CellBrite™ NIR790 Cytoplasmic Membrane Dye 786/820 nm