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What instruments can I use with your DNA quantitation kits? Do they work on Qubit®?

The AccuClear® and AccuBlue® DNA Quantitation kits are designed for use with fluorescence 96-well plate readers. AccuClear®, AccuBlue® NextGen and AccuBlue® High Sensitivity kits require an instrument equipped to read green fluorescence emission (similar to FITC). AccuBlue® Broad Range requires an instrument equipped to read blue fluorescence emission (Ex/Em 350/460 nm).

These assays also can be used with fluorometers such as the Qubit® (Thermo Scientific) and QuantiFluor™-P (Promega). However, due to different linear ranges of the assays, not all of these assays are compatible with the pre-programmed DNA quantitation programs on these instruments. For users who own a Qubit® fluorometer, we recommend using our AccuGreen™ kit, which is designed for use on that instrument.

The AccuGreen™ High Sensitivity DNA Quantitation kit is designed for use on the Qubit® fluorometer. It can be used in the preprogrammed Qubit® dsDNA High Sensitivity assay, and is a direct replacement for the Qubit® dsDNA HS Assay kit.

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