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What are the differences between the DNA quantitation kits? Which should I choose?

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AccuGreen™ kits are designed for use with the Qubit® fluorometer. All of the other kits are designed for use with 96-well fluorescence plate readers. Our quantitation kits vary in the concentration ranges of dsDNA that they are able to detect. Some of the kits also have different fluorescence excitation/emission. Visit the DNA Quantitation Kit Technology Page or consult the table below to make your selection.

All DNA & RNA Quantitation Kits

or RNA
Detection range
(in assay)*
Dye Ex/Em (nm) Suggested instrument Features
High Sensitivity DNA
DNA 0.1-100 ng 502/523 Qubit® fluorometer Compare to the Qubit® dsDNA HS assay from Thermo Fisher
AccuGreen™ Broad Range DNA DNA 2-1000 ng 500/530 Qubit® fluorometer Compare to the Qubit® dsDNA BR assay from Thermo Fisher
Non-toxic & non-mutagentic DNA quantitation dye
AccuBlue® NextGen DNA DNA 1-3000 pg** 468/507 Fluorescence microplate reader Most sensitive assay available for quantitation of precious or dilute samples
Optimal for sensitive applications such as NGS or digital PCR
AccuClear® Ultra High Sensitivity DNA DNA 0.03-250 ng 468/507 Fluorescence microplate reader Versatile kit with high sensitivity and wide linear range
AccuBlue® High Sensitivity DNA DNA 0.2-100 ng 485/530 Fluorescence microplate reader Non-toxic & non-mutagentic DNA quantitation dye
AccuBlue® Broad Range DNA DNA 2-2000 ng 350/460 Fluorescence microplate reader Broad linear range with blue fluorescence
AccuBlue® Broad Range RNA RNA 5-1000 ng 650/670 Fluorescence microplate reader
or Qubit® fluorometer
The widest linear range of available RNA quantitation kits
Exceptional accuracy, sensitivity, and high RNA selectivity
* Standard assay volume is 200 uL
** AccuBlue® NextGen limit of detection is in the range of 1 pg to 5 pg depending on instrument sensitivity

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