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Apoptosis & Viability Assays

Biotium offers a wide selection of assay kits for cell viability and cell death for microplate reader, flow cytometry or fluorescence microscopy. Products include:

The NucView® Caspase-3 Substrate comes in 3 colors, and measures caspase activity in real time, in live cells. MitoView™ 633 can measure the decrease in mitochondria membrane potential that occurs in early apoptosis. CF® Dye Annexin V conjugates come in many color options, and label PS on the membranes of late apoptotic cells. We also offer kits containing combinations of these probes. Live-or-Dye dead cell stains for flow or microscopy. Fluorescence- and absorbance-based microplate viability assays such as MTT, XTT, and resazurin. ATP-Glo Bioluminometric Cell Viability luciferase assay. ViaFluor® Cell Proliferation Kits.

Learn more about our wide selection of assays for cell proliferation, cell viability, and apoptosis.