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DNA Quantitation Kits

Biotium DNA quantitation kits provide highly accurate results, and include kits with the most sensitivity available on the market. We also offer kits for many different instruments to suit your needs.

For fluorescent microplate readers: AccuBlue® NextGen is the most sensitive DNA quantitation kit, able to detect down to 1 pg of DNA in some instruments. AccuClear® Ultra High Sensitivity is our most popular kit, with a wide linear range and excellent sensitivity, making it a great all-purpose assay. We also offer the AccuBlue® Broad Range kit, for concentrated DNA samples. And the AccuBlue® High Sensitivity kit uses a safe, disposable DNA dye, for enviromental friendliness.

For the Qubit® fluorometers: we offer AccuGreen™ assays in both High Sensitivity and Broad Range formats, that act as direct replacements for the Qubit® DNA assays.