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Ready-to-Use 1 kb DNA Ladder

A DNA ladder consisting of 13 DNA fragments ranging in size from 250 bp to 10 kb, provided pre-diluted in 1X loading buffer so that it is ready to load.

Product Attributes

Storage Conditions

Store at -10 to -35 °C

Note: Due to operating restrictions related to our COVID-19 response, primary antibody conjugates of R-PE, APC, PerCP, HRP, or AP are temporarily unavailable. All other antibody options are still available. We apologize for the inconvenience. Please see our easy-to-use Mix-n-Stain™ Antibody Labeling Kits for labeling antibodies with R-PE, APC, tandem dyes, and enzymes.
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150 applications (1.5 mL)
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Product Description

Ready-to-Use 1 kb DNA Ladder is suitable for sizing linear double-stranded DNA fragments from 250 bp to 10 kb. The ladder consists of 13 bands that are generated from PCR and restriction enzyme digestion of double stranded DNA. The 1 kb and 3 kb bands contain more DNA to provide internal orientation.

  • Contains 13 double-stranded DNA fragments
  • Bands range from 250 bp to 10 kb
  • 1 kb and 3 kb bands are higher concentration, for orientation
  • Provided pre-diluted in 1X loading buffer, ready to load
  • Ladder concentration is 20 ng/uL

Ready-to-Use Ladders are provided pre-diluted in 1X loading buffer at a concentration of 20 ng/uL. A separate vial of 6X loading buffer is provided to add to your DNA samples. The loading buffer provided contains density agents and two blue electrophoresis tracking dyes that run at approximately 1.5 kb and 200 bp in a 1% agarose gel. We also offer Ready-to-Use 100 bp DNA Ladder (31032).

To learn about our all of our products related to DNA gel staining, visit the technology page.


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