Monoclonal anti CD8 (RIV11)

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Product Description

Recognizes a protein of 32kDa, identified as CD8a (also known as CD8 chain, T cell co-receptor, Leu2, and T8). CD8 molecule consists of two chains, termed and chain, which are expressed as a disulphide-linked heterodimer or as an homodimer. CD8 is expressed on T cell subset (cytotoxic/suppressor T cells), thymocytes and NK cells. The majority of CD8+ T-cells expresses CD8 as heterodimer. Some subpopulation of CD8+ T cells as well as NK cells may express homodimer. CD8 functions as a co-receptor in concert with TCR for binding the MHC class I/peptide complex. The HIV-2 envelope glycoprotein binds CD8 chain (but not chain). The cytoplasmic domain of CD8 associates with p56lck tyrosine kinase.

Knapp W. et. al. Leukocyte Typing IV, p342-343, Oxford University Press, 1989 | Parnes JR, CD4 and CD8 in T cell lineage commitment: alterations induced by expression of a CD8/CD4 chimeric transgene. Semin Immunol 1994, 6:221-229. | Delon J. et al. CD8 expression allows T cell signaling by monomeric peptide-MHC complexes. Immunity 1998, 9(4):467-73 | Akimoto H, et al. Binding of HIV-2 envelope glycoprotein to CD8 molecules and related chemokine production. Immunology 1998, 95(2):214-218 | Leahy DJ. A structural view of CD4 and CD8. FASEB J. 1995,9(1):17-25. | Jonker M et al. Side effects and immunogenicity of murine lymphocyte-specific monoclonal antibodies in subhuman primates. Transplantation 1988, 45(4):677-682

Additional Information


Purified with BSA, 0.2 mg/mL, Purified, BSA-free, 1 mg/mL, CF405S, CF405M, CF488A, CF543, CF555, CF568, CF594, CF640R, CF647, CF660R, CF680, CF680R, CF770, Biotin, R-PE, APC, Per-CP, Alkaline Phosphatase, HRP


50 uL, 100 uL, 250 uL, 500 uL

Supplied As

Purified: 0.2 mg/mL in PBS/0.05% BSA/0.05% azide, Purified, BSA-free: 1 mg/mL in PBS without azide, Conjugates: 0.1 mg/mL in PBS/0.1% BSA/0.05% azide, HRP conjugates: 0.1 mg/mL in PBS/0.05% BSA

Antibody type


Host species


Reactivity (target)

CD8 (RIV11)




IgG1, kappa



Molecular weight

32 kDa


CD8 antigen, alpha polypeptide (p32), T8/Leu-2 T-lymphocyte differentiation antigen, Ly3, LYT3, MAL, T-cell surface glycoprotein CD8 alpha chain

Entrez gene ID







Human peripheral lymphocytes

Species reactivity



Flow cytometry, Immunofluorescence

Cellular localization

Cell surface

Application notes

Flow Cytometry (0.5-1 ug/million cells/0.1 mL), Immunofluorescence 0.5-1 ug/mL, Optimal dilution for a specific application should be determined by user

Positive control

HuT78 or hPBL. Tonsil

MSDS (PDF):MSDS Primary antibodies

Protocol (PDF): Protocols for antibody-based detection

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