Monoclonal anti NuMA (A73 B/D12)

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Product Description

Recognizes a phosphorylated protein of 228kDa, identified as nuclear mitotic apparatus protein (NuMA). Its epitope is resistant to phosphatases. NuMA is intra-nuclear protein and present in nucleus during interphase. At the onset of mitosis, it redistributes from the nucleus to two centrosomal structures that later will become part of the mitotic spindle pole. After anaphase, the protein redistributes from the spindle polar region into reforming nucleus. NuMA is an essential protein during mitosis for the terminal phases of chromosome separation and/or nuclear reassembly. Recently a study shows that NuMA is cleaved to a 180 to 200kDa during apoptosis. Chromosomal translocation of this gene with the RARA (retinoic acid receptor, alpha) gene on chromosome 17 has been detected in patients with acute promyelocytic leukemia.

Butschak G et al. New monoclonal antibodies recognizing phosphorylated proteins in mitotic cells. Acta Histochem 1995, 97(1):19-31 | Compton DA and Cleveland DW. NuMA is required for the proper completion of mitosis. J Cell Biol 1993, 120(4):947-57 | Price CM and Pettijohn DE. Redistribution of the nuclear mitotic apparatus protein (NuMA) during mitosis and nuclear assembly. Properties of purified NuMA protein. Exp Cell Res 1986, 166:295-311. | Gueth-Hallonet C et al. Cleavage of the nuclear matrix protein NuMA during apoptosis. Exp Cell Res 1997, 233(1):21-24

Additional Information


Purified with BSA, 0.2 mg/mL, Purified, BSA-free, 1 mg/mL, CF405S, CF405M, CF488A, CF543, CF555, CF568, CF594, CF640R, CF647, CF660R, CF680, CF680R, CF770, Biotin, R-PE, APC, Per-CP, Alkaline Phosphatase, HRP


50 uL, 100 uL, 250 uL, 500 uL

Supplied As

Purified: 0.2 mg/mL in PBS/0.05% BSA/0.05% azide, Purified, BSA-free: 1 mg/mL in PBS without azide, Conjugates: 0.1 mg/mL in PBS/0.1% BSA/0.05% azide, HRP conjugates: 0.1 mg/mL in PBS/0.05% BSA

Antibody type


Host species


Reactivity (target)

NuMA (A73-B/D12)






IgM, kappa

Molecular weight

228 kDa


Nuclear Mitotic Apparatus Protein 1; NuMA protein; NUMA1; SP-H antigen; Structural nuclear protein;

Entrez gene ID





Colon carcinoma 174T cells



Species reactivity



Flow cytometry, Immunofluorescence, Immunohistology (formalin)

Cellular localization


Application notes

Flow Cytometry (0.5-1 ug/million cells/0.1 mL), Immunofluorescence 0.5-1 ug/mL, Immunohistology formalin-fixed 0.5-1 ug/mL for 30 minutes at RT, Optimal dilution for a specific application should be determined by user, Staining of formalin-fixed tissues requires boiling tissue sections in 10 mM Tris with 1 mM EDTA, pH 9.0, for 10-20 min followed by cooling at RT for 20 minutes

Positive control

Exponentially growing any cultured human cells. Tonsil or lymph node.

MSDS (PDF):MSDS Primary antibodies

Protocol (PDF): Protocols for antibody-based detection

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