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CD3e Monoclonal Mouse Antibody (SK7) – Biotium Choice

CD3e (clone SK7) is a validated mouse monoclonal antibody that recognizes the epsilon chain of the CD3 protein complex and T cell co-receptor. The antibody belongs to the Biotium Choice list of select antibodies that have been validated and optimized in-house for optimal performance.

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Product Attributes

Antibody number


Antibody reactivity (target)


Biotium Choice Antibody


Antibody type

Biotium Choice Flow Antibodies, Primary

Host species







IgG1, kappa

Molecular weight

23 kDa


CD3 epsilon; CD3 TCR complex; T cell antigen receptor complex epsilon subunit of T3; T-cell surface antigen T3/Leu-4 epsilon chain; T-cell surface glycoprotein CD3 epsilon chain; T3E; TCRE; TiT3 complex

Human gene symbol


Entrez gene ID







Human thymocytes

Antibody target cellular localization

Plasma membrane

Verified antibody applications

Flow (surface) (verified)

Species reactivity


Antibody application notes

Recommended concentration for flow cytometry: 5 uL per million cells/0.1 mL

Positive control

Human peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs), CCRF-CEM or HL-60

Shipping condition

Room temperature

Storage Conditions

Store at 2 to 8 °C, Protect fluorescent conjugates from light

Shelf life

Guaranteed for at least 24 months from date of receipt when stored as recommended

Regulatory status

For research use only (RUO)

Antibody/conjugate formulation

Conjugates: PBS/0.1% BSA/0.05% azide

Volume per assay

5 uL/test

Antibody research areas


Cell/tissue expression

Lymphocytes, T-cells

Tumor expression


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Product Description

CD3e (clone SK7) is a mouse monoclonal antibody derived from the extracellular domain of the CD3 epsilon chain. This antibody belongs to the Biotium Choice list of select antibodies that have been validated and optimized in-house for optimal performance. The antibody is available conjugated to either a CF® Dye or Astral™ tandem dye. They are supplied in PBS, 0.1% BSA, 0.05% azide.

CD3 consists of five different polypeptide chains (designated as gamma, delta, epsilon, zeta, and eta) with MW ranging from 16-28 kDa. The CD3 complex is closely associated at the lymphocyte cell surface with the T cell antigen receptor (TCR). Reportedly, CD3 complex is involved in signal transduction to the T cell interior following antigen recognition. The CD3 antigen is first detectable in early thymocytes and probably represents one of the earliest signs of commitment to the T cell lineage. In cortical thymocytes, CD3 is predominantly intra-cytoplasmic. However, in medullary thymocytes, it appears on the T cell surface. CD3 antigen is a highly specific marker for T cells, and is present in majority of T cell neoplasms.

As an isotype control, we recommend Isotype Control, Monoclonal Mouse IgG1 Kappa (IGG1/1331) for this antibody. View our full catalog of Biotium Choice antibodies, optimized and validated for the best results in flow cytometry.

CD3e Monoclonal Mouse Antibody (SK7) - Biotium Choice

ConjugationEx/EmConc.SizeCatalog No.Dye Features
CF®405S411/431 nm300 ug/mL25 tests (125 uL)P002-405S-125CF®405S Features
100 tests (500 uL)P002-405S-500
CF®405M416/452 nm30 ug/mL25 tests (125 uL)P002-405M-125CF®405M Features
100 tests (500 uL)P002-405M-500
CF®405L413/547 nm200 ug/mL25 tests (125 uL)P002-405L-125CF®405L Features
100 tests (500 uL)P002-405L-500
CF®488A490/516 nm200 ug/mL25 tests (125 uL)P002-488A-125CF®488A Features
100 tests (500 uL)P002-488A-500
CF®503R503/532 nm200 ug/mL25 tests (125 uL)P002-503R-125CF®503R Features
100 tests (500 uL)P002-503R-500
CF®514516/549 nm200 ug/mL25 tests (125 uL)P002-514-125CF®514 Features
100 tests (500 uL)P002-514-500
CF®568562/584 nm200 ug/mL25 tests (125 uL)P002-568-125CF®568 Features
100 tests (500 uL)P002-568-500
CF®575571/601 nm150 ug/mL25 tests (125 uL)P002-575-125
100 tests (500 uL)P002-575-500
RPE-Astral™616496, 546, 566/617 nm100 ug/mL25 tests (125 uL)P002-R616-125
100 tests (500 uL)P002-R616-500
CF®647Plus652/668 nm100 ug/mL25 tests (125 uL)P002-647P-125
100 tests (500 uL)P002-647P-500
CF®660C667/685 nm300 ug/mL25 tests (125 uL)P002-660C-125CF®660C Features
100 tests (500 uL)P002-660C-500
CF®700696/721 nm200 ug/mL25 tests (125 uL)P002-700-125CF®700 Features
100 tests (500 uL)P002-700-500
R-PE496, 546, 565/576 nm100 ug/mL25 tests (125 uL)P002-RPE-125
100 tests (500 uL)P002-RPE-500
APC651/660 nm200 ug/mL25 tests (125 uL)P002-APC-125
100 tests (500 uL)P002-APC-500