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EverBrite™ Hardset Mounting Medium with NucSpot® 640

Biotium’s hardset antifade mounting medium with NucSpot® 640 far-red nuclear counterstain.

Product Attributes

For live or fixed cells

For fixed cells/tissue sections


NucSpot® 640: 649/668 nm (with DNA)

Probe cellular localization


Storage Conditions

Store at 2 to 8 °C, Protect from light

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Product Description

This antifade mounting medium features Biotium’s NucSpot® 640 nuclear stain, for one-step mounting and nuclear counterstaining.


  • Self-hardening antifade medium with refractive index well-matched to glass
  • Featuring the only  far-red nuclear counterstains available in mounting media
  • Avoid cross-talk and photoconversion from DAPI
  • Bright and specific nuclear staining with far-red NucSpot® 640

Spectral Properties

  • NucSpot® 640: 649/668 nm (with DNA) (for Cy®5 channel)

EverBrite™ Hardset Mounting Medium cures to form a hard, permanent seal between the slide and coverslip, eliminating the need to seal the coverslip edges. It cures overnight to a refractive index of 1.43, and continues curing over the course of four days to a refractive index of 1.46. It prevents rapid photobleaching of a wide selection of fluorescent dyes. Unlike VECTASHIELD® Mounting Medium, EverBrite™ is compatible with cyanine-based fluorophores and is optimally formulated for use with Biotium’s CF® Dyes.

This mounting medium features Biotium’s novel NucSpot® 640 is a far-red dye nuclear counterstain for the Cy®5 channel. Using far-red nuclear stains can avoid problems of fluorescence cross-talk and UV photoconversion with traditional dyes like DAPI.

Note: NucSpot® 640 also shows dim blue fluorescence with the DAPI filter set, and should be tested for suitability before using with blue probes, especially for epifluorescence microscopy.

See our full selection of antifade mounting media and related products:

ProductNuclear CounterstainCat. No.Features
EverBrite™ Mounting MediumNone23001• Wet-set mounting medium
• Requires coverslip sealing
• Refractive index 1.46
EverBrite™ with DAPIDAPI23002
Drop-n-Stain EverBrite™ Mounting MediumNone23008• Wet-set mounting medium
• Convenient dropper bottle
• Ideal for wells & chambers
• Refractive index 1.42
Drop-n-Stain EverBrite™ with DAPIDAPI23009
EverBrite™ Hardset Mounting MediumNone23003• Hard-set mounting medium
• Forms hard seal after 24 h
• No coverslip sealing needed
• Refractive index 1.46 after curing
EverBrite™ Hardset with DAPIDAPI23004
EverBrite™ Hardset with NucSpot® 640NucSpot® 64023016
EverBrite TrueBlack® Hardset Mounting MediumNone23017• Unique antifade with lipofuscin quenching
• Quenches as it hardens, with low background
EverBrite TrueBlack® Hardset with DAPIDAPI23018
EverBrite TrueBlack® Hardset with NucSpot® 640NucSpot® 64023019
CoverGrip™ Coverslip SealantN/A23005• For sealing edges of wet-set coverslips
* Note: NucSpot® 640 also have dim fluorescence with the DAPI filter set, and should be tested for suitability with blue probes, especially for epifluorescence imaging.
Cy Dye is a registered trademark of Cytiva; VECTASHIELD is a registered trademark of Vector Laboratories.

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