LysoView 540

LysoView 540, Hoechst
LysoView 540 absorbance spectra at varying pHLysoView 540 emission spectra at varying pHHeLa cells stained with LysoView 540 (red). Nuclei are stained with Hoechst 33342 (blue).HeLa cells stained with LysoView 540
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Product Description

LysoView™ 540 is a red fluorogenic dye with pH-dependent fluorescence for staining acidic organelles in live cells. LysoView™ 540 belongs to a class of lysosomotropic dyes that possess weakly basic amine groups. It is hypothesized that protonation of weak bases under acidic conditions causes the dyes to be trapped in the low pH compartment of the lysosome. In addition, the fluorescence of LysoView™ 540 is pH-sensitive, resulting in highly specific lysosomal staining without the need for a wash step.

Also see Biotium’s far-red fluorescent LysoView™ 633 (catalog no. 70058) and our unique, UV-inducible lysosome dye “Light-On” LysoView™ 555 (catalog no. 70060).


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Trial size (10 uL), 50 uL

Flyer (PDF): LysoView and MitoView Dyes

MSDS (PDF): MSDS 70061

Protocol (PDF): PI-70061

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