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LysoView™ Dyes

LysoView™ fluorescent dyes label lysosomes in live cells without a wash step, and are available in multiple colors with options for super-resolution imaging.

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Product Description

LysoView™ dyes are useful for staining lysosomes in live cells.

  • No-wash, fluorescent staining of lysosomes in live cells
  • Non-toxic for real-time live-cell imaging
  • Lower background than LysoTracker® dyes
  • Dye options for super-resolution imaging
  • Color choices from blue to far-red, plus a unique NIR dye

LysoView™ dyes are fluorescent stains for imaging lysosome localization and morphology in live cells. The dyes accumulate in low pH organelles, resulting in highly specific staining without the need for a wash step. LysoView™ staining is non-toxic, and can imaged over the course of days, even after dye washout for some dye options (see the Product Information Sheet for more information).

LysoView™ 540 and LysoView™ 633 exhibit pH-sensitive fluorescence, further enhancing the specificity of staining. LysoView™ 488 has been validated in super-resolution imaging by SIM (Ref. 7), while LysoView™ 650 fluorophore is compatible with super-resolution imaging by SIM and STED.

LysoView™ 540 and LysoView™ 633 stain vacuoles in yeast. Staining of bacteria varies between dyes. See our Cellular Stains Table for details.

Note: LysoView™ 540 has limited photostability, and may not be suitable for all microscopy applications. LysoView™ 550 is a bright and more photostable choice.

Also see our unique UV-activatable Light-On LysoView™ 555, which is non-fluorescent until it is reversibly activated by UV light.

LysoView™ Dyes

ProductCatalog numberSizeAbs/Em (nm)
(pH ≤ 5)
LysoView™ 405,
1000X in DMSO
70066-T10 uL318, 400/ 464DAPI, Pacific
Blue fluorescent
lysosome stain
7006650 uL
LysoView™ 488,
1000X in DMSO
70067-T10 uL496/526GFP, FITCGreen fluorescent dye
validated in SIM
7006750 uL
LysoView™ 540,
1000X in DMSO
70061-T10 uL540/634TRITC, Cy®3, PEOrange, pH-
sensitive fluorescence**
7006150 uL
LysoView™ 550,
1000X in DMSO
70083-T10 uL542/567TRITC, Cy®3, PEBright & photostable
orange dye
7008350 uL
LysoView™ 594,
1000X in DMSO
70084-T10 uL585/634Texas Red®Bright & photostable
red dye
7008450 uL
LysoView™ 633
(lyophilized solid)
70058-T1 vial*634/657Cy®5, APCFar-red, pH-sensitive fluorescence
7005810 vials*
LysoView™ 640,
1000X in DMSO
70085-T10 uL640/671Cy®5, APCBright & photostable
far-red dye
7008550 uL
LysoView™ 650,
1000X in DMSO
70059-T10 uL650/675Cy®5, APCPhotostable far-red dye
compatible with SIM, STED
7005950 uL
LysoView™ 680,
1000X in DMSO
70086-T10 uL674/711Cy®5.5Unique near-IR
lysosome stain
7008650 uL
*Each vial of LysoView™ 633 makes 100 uL of 1000X dye after reconstitution.
** LysoView™ 540 has limited photostability and may not be suitable for all microcopy applications.
Cy Dye is a registered trademark of Cytiva; Pacific Blue is a trademark and Texas Red is a registered trademark of Thermo Fisher Scientific.
LysoTracker is a registered trademark of Thermo Fisher Scientific.

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