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CF® Dye Dextran 40,000 MW, Anionic and Fixable

This dextran is 40,000 MW, and contains a formaldehyde-fixable free-amine group; available with a selection of CF® dyes.

Product Attributes


CF®488A, CF®680, CF®750, CF®770

Probe cellular localization

Fluid phase tracer

Cell permeability

Membrane impermeant


Green, Near-infrared

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Product Description

CF® dye labeled dextrans could be used as a fluorescent fluid-phase markers to study cell permeability, endocytosis, or mechanisms of biomolecular delivery. The dextran is 40,000 MW, and contains a formaldehyde-fixable free-amine group.

It’s available with the following CF® dyes: CF®488A, CF®680, CF®750 and CF®770.

CF® Dye Dextran 40,000 MW

ConjugationEx/EmSizeCatalog No.Dye Features
CF®488A490/515 nm1 mg80126CF®488A Features
CF®680681/698 nm1 mg80127CF®680 Features
CF®750755/777 nm1 mg80128CF®750 Features
CF®770770/797 nm1 mg80122CF®770 Features

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