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Donkey Anti-Rabbit IgG (H+L), Highly Cross-Adsorbed, CF® Dye Conjugates, Single Label for STORM

Highly cross-adsorbed donkey anti-rabbit IgG (H+L) secondary antibody with single CF® Dye label for STORM super-resolution microscopy.

Product Attributes



Host species


Antibody reactivity (target)

Rabbit IgG

Species reactivity


Cross adsorption

Bovine, Chicken, Goat, Guinea pig, Horse, Human, Mouse, Rat, Sheep, Syrian hamster

Antibody/conjugate formulation

Liquid: PBS/50% glycerol/2 mg/mL BSA/0.05% azide

Antibody type



1 mg/mL

Secondary/tag antibody applications

IF (cells or tissue sections), STORM

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Product Description

This is a highly cross-adsorbed donkey anti-rabbit IgG (H+L) secondary antibody that has a low degree of labeling (DOL) with one of our bright and photostable CF® Dyes.

  • CF® Dye single label secondary antibody ideal for STORM imaging
  • Highly cross-adsorbed for specific staining with minimal background
  • Available in 9 bright and photostable CF® Dyes

Secondary antibodies with a low DOL, or number of dye molecules per antibody molecule, have been reported to be optimal for STORM (Bittel et al. (2015) Proc. SPIE 9331). This product is prepared by single labeling (DOL=1) of highly cross-adsorbed goat anti-mouse IgG (H+L) with a selection of compatible CF® Dyes for (d)-STORM super-resolution microscopy. To minimize cross-reactivity, the antibody has been adsorbed against bovine, chicken, goat, guinea pig, horse, human, mouse, rat, sheep, and Syrian hamster.

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Donkey Anti-Rabbit IgG (H+L), Highly Cross-Adsorbed, CF® Dye Conjugates, Single Label for STORM

ConjugationEx/EmSizeCatalog No.Dye Features
CF®505505/519 nm50 uL (50 ug)20879-50uL
0.5 mL (500 ug)20879-500uL
CF®535ST535/568 nm50 uL (50 ug)20824-50uLCF®535ST Features
0.5 mL (500 ug)20824-500uL
CF®568562/583 nm50 uL (50 ug)20803-50uLCF®568 Features
0.5 mL (500 ug)20803-500uL
CF®583R586/609 nm50 uL (50 ug)20795-50uLCF®583R Features
0.5 mL (500 ug)20795-500uL
CF®597R597/619 nm50 uL (50 ug)20799-50uLCF®597R Features
0.5 mL (500 ug)20799-500uL
CF®647650/665 nm50 uL (50 ug)20811-50uLCF®647 Features
0.5 mL (500 ug)20811-500uL
CF®660C667/685 nm50 uL (50 ug)20816-50uLCF®660C Features
0.5 mL (500 ug)20816-500uL
CF®680681/698 nm50 uL (50 ug)20820-50uLCF®680 Features
0.5 mL (500 ug)20820-500uL
CF®750755/777 nm50 uL (50 ug)20828-50uLCF®750 Features
0.5 mL (500 ug)20828-500uL

CF® Dye Secondary Antibodies, Single Label for STORM

DyeDonkey Anti-GoatDonkey Anti-Guinea PigDonkey Anti-MouseDonkey Anti-RabbitGoat Anti-MouseGoat Anti-Rabbit
Cross-adsorptionCk, GP, Hs, Hu, Ms, Rb, Rt, SHmBv, Ck, Gt, Hs, Hu, Ms, Rb, Rt, Shp, SHmBv, Ck, Gt, GP, Hs, Hu, Rb, Rt, Shp, SHmBv, Ck, Gt, GP, Hs, Hu, Ms, Rt, Shp, SHmBv, Hs, Hu, Rb, SwHu, Ms, Rt
Bv: bovine; Ch: chicken; Gt: goat; GP: guinea pig; Hs: horse; Hu: human; Ms: mouse; Rb: rabbit; Sh: sheep; SHm: Syrian hamster; Sw: swine; Rt: rat

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CF® Dyes offer exceptional brightness and photostability. For more information see our CF® Dye technology page.

CF is a registered trademark of Biotium, Inc.


Download a list of CF® Dye references.

  1. Proc. SPIE 9331, (2015), DOI: 10.1117/12.2083209

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