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Do you offer alternatives to Akoya Opal™ tyramides?

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See below for our recommended alternatives to Akoya tyramides. Unless noted as a direct replacement, these tyramide dyes are spectrally similar alternatives. They have not been validated as direct replacements for use with Akoya kits or imaging systems.

CF® Dye Alternatives for Akoya Tyramides

Akoya Tyramide Ex/Em (nm) Biotium Tyramide Ex/Em (nm) Biotium Cat. No. Notes CF® Dye Features
TSA Coumarin 402/443 CF®405S 404/431 92197 Much brighter & more
photostable alternative
CF®405S Features
Opal™ Polaris 480 450/500 CF®430 426/498 96053 Recommended
for abundant targets
CF®430 Features
Opal™520 494/525 CF®488A 490/515 92171 CF®488A Features
TSA Fluorescein 494/517 Fluorescein 492/514 96018 Direct replacement See CF®488A for a brighter &
much more photostable alternative
TSA Cyanine 3
550/570 Cyanine 555 555/565 96020 Direct replacement
for Cyanine 3
See CF®555 & CF®568 for brighter
& more photostable alternatives.
CF®555 555/565 96021 Brighter & more
photostable alternatives
CF®555 Features
CF®568 562/583 92173 CF®568 Features
Opal™570 550/570 CF®550R 551/577 96077 CF®550R Features
CF®555 555/565
96021 CF®555 Features
TSA Plus Cyanine 3.5 581/596 CF®583R 586/609 96085 Brighter & more
photostable alternatives
CF®583R Features
CF®594 593/614 92174 CF®594 Features
Opal™620 588/616 CF®583R 586/609 96085 CF®583R Features
TSA Cyanine 5 648/667 CF®640R 642/662 92175 Brighter & more
photostable alternative
CF®640R Features
CF®647 650/665 96022 Brighter alternative CF®647 Features
CF®660R 663/682 92195 Less cross-talk with visible red dyes;
bright & extremely photostable
CF®660R Features
TSA Plus Cyanine 5.5
CF®680R 680/701 92196 Bright & extremely
CF®680R Features
Opal™ Polaris 780 750/770 CF®754 745/786 96090 Recommended
for abundant targets
Unique NIR dye for TSA
TSA Biotin N/A Biotin-XX N/A 92176 Direct replacement
TSA Plus DNP N/A DNP N/A 96019 Direct replacement
Note: The CF® Dyes listed here are spectrally similar alternatives to Opal™ dyes, they have not been validated as direct replacements for use with Akoya's kits or imaging system. Opal is a trademark of Akoya Biosciences.


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