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CF® Dye Dextran 70,000 MW, Anionic and Fixable

This dextran is 70,000 MW, and contains a formaldehyde-fixable free-amine group; available with a selection of CF® Dyes.

Product Attributes

Probe cellular localization

Fluid phase tracer

Cell permeability

Membrane impermeant


Blue, Green, Far-red, Near-infrared

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Product Description

CF® Dye labeled dextrans could be used as a fluorescent fluid-phase markers to study cell permeability, endocytosis, or mechanisms of biomolecular delivery. The dextran is 70,000 MW, and contains a formaldehyde-fixable free-amine group.

It’s available with the following CF® Dyes: CF®350, CF®488A, CF®633, CF®680, CF®750 and CF®770.

Note: Conjugates of blue-fluorescent dyes like CF®350, CF®405S and CF®405M are not recommended for detecting low abundance targets and may be challenging to use in tissue specimens. Blue dyes have lower fluorescence and photostability, and cells and tissue have high autofluorescence in blue wavelengths, resulting in lower signal to noise compared to other colors.

CF® Dye Dextran 70,000 MW

ConjugationEx/EmSizeCatalog No.Dye Features
CF®350347/448 nm1 mg80138CF®350 Features
CF®488A490/515 nm1 mg80117CF®488A Features
CF®633630/650 nm1 mg80141CF®633 Features
CF®680681/698 nm1 mg80129CF®680 Features
CF®750755/777 nm1 mg80130CF®750 Features
CF®770770/797 nm1 mg80123CF®770 Features

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